Thursday, May 14, 2015


The art in the middle of the console,was created for me by my artist friend,Joseph Cuccurullo

 Our home has an eclectic mix vintage art as well as modern pieces and works of friends and our own.
Being the treasure seekers that we are, we keep a regular source of vintage art to change up our look every-now and again.

       Today's post is all about 
Living with Art
For those of you not familiar with
 Seth Apter,,
Seth has been showing a series of artist's homes and how they live with their art,whether it is their own or others. Today is my turn up on his blog. Make sure to go over to Seth's and check out the previous weeks-definitely some real cool artists spaces shared of their homes as well as vignettes of artwork.
    Thank you Seth,for putting together another outstanding series! 

  Let's take a tour of our home and see the art we live with each day!
my piece on the right


 Kitchen holds my collection of pottery from Mexico as well as my folks copper tea kettle

This fun piece I found at a yard sale and had to have!! LOL

   Computer Room
 I have been collecting vintage pottery since I was a young girl- before it was ever popular to collect,this is my scaled down collection,my favorites after having sold off most of it.
 Mini pieces of pottery as well as coral and some gems from Arkansas my husband gathered as a child.
 I love these vintage fruit pieces,as you can see below, the other two are in the first photo.

  Found this piece of art at a garage sale and had to have it!! 
Probably parlor art from the 60's or 70's.
 I just love the lines and composition-very modern!!
 Some of my favorite art. This cross stitch was done by my Dad when he was in the service.
And of course photos of my sons,parents and grandparents.

Next up,my studio,which houses some of my art...

 as well as some from others.

My collection of paper dolls include dolls from Darlene Campbell, Mary Jane Chadborne,Janet Ghio,JoAnn,Pupchick 

 Here are some tags and cards from all around the world internet artist friends.
Win Dinn&Denise-B.C.,Chel C-Arizonia,Dana-Washington, 
Ruth-Belgium,Judy-Massachusetts, Roni-Indiana,
Bev-Austraila and Trisha-Montana
Other pieces of my pottery collection include some from Utah and Louisiana.Some are Raku pieces,more contemporary pottery with gorgeous coloring!

And two of my most favorite and treasured pieces- the angel above,made by son Len in kindergarten
And the compilation of art below, made by youngest son Lindsey. I treasure these pieces the most.

The circular piece in the frame is a drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog-spinning. 
 Linds and I used to play together on the Sega Console,and yup, he always beat my score! 

Thanks so very much for joining me and I do hope you enjoyed the tour,because I enjoyed sharing with you! 
Till next time! 
Jackie ")


Valerie-Jael said...

You have a lovely home filled with beautiful art and artifacts, wonderful - thanks for sharing! Hugs, Valerie

Pia Rom said...

Your home shows so much love and beauty, I very much love your pottery colletion as well as your studio filled with treasury art!! ♥ Conny
Piaroms Art Journaling

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wonderful home ! I love it! All this treasures! Wow!
Thank you for sharing Jackie!

Win Dinn said...

What a wonderful post, Jackie - I love the walk through your home and all your favourite pieces of artwork. It's a delight to see the eclectic mix of two-and three-dimensional works. I'm sure your collection feeds the muse as much as the art in my own home does. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and studio with us!

Becky Wentworth said...

Fabulous tour… Lovely home with lots of treasures! Thanks for sharing this with us dear friend!

Felicia Aaron said...

Jackie, I LOVE your home! That living room are is yummo! I want to curl up in there with that stove!!! LOL! ALL of your are is just wonderful and thank you so much for sharing your space with us! I love your art/craft room as well and the most precious pieces of art you saved for last! I LOVE EM!! :) Blessings to you and thanks for opening your home to us!

Astrid Maclean said...

What an amazing home you have and so many wonderful pieces! A real artful treasure trove, - thanks so much for taking the time to share this!

Seth said...

Thanks for being a part of this project and sharing your space. So wonderful to see all these pictures -- and the wide variety of art that you have on display!!

Karenliz Henderson said...

Jackie, love the tour of all the art in your home. I never thought of hanging art on the wire. I have that and never installed it. Thanks for sharing!!!

Pam Tucker said...

What a beautiful display of treasures!

massofhair said...

Well done for sharing your home via Seth Apter's site! Enjoyed the tour and marvelled at some of your beautiful treasures :-) xxx

Darlene Campbell said...

Jackie, I was chuckling at your son's favorite too...and I love the vintage glass grapes and Pottery. I'm a big fan of that style pottery. Your pieces from Mexico are divine. Oh Yes, it's about time you submitted photo to Seth. (Ha ha)
Your home looks beautiful and it is so you...very inviting. Hugs, Darlene

Judy Shea said...

I love how you are surrounded by all this art love. Thanks for the tickle. Just beautiful

Judy Shea said...

I love how you are surrounded by all this art love. Thanks for the tickle. Just beautiful

Kay Wallace said...

Just amazing, Jackie! You have such a mix of artwork, and I love it. A surprise around every corner, I am sure. Stunning arrangements!

Julie Ann Lee said...

I really enjoyed this virtual tour of your lovely arty home, Jackie! Thank You for welcoming us in so warmly. I love your eclectic mix of treasures. Your studio looks such a hive of creativity too and I'm really envious of that collection of paper dolls! Lucky you to have something created by Mary Jane xxx

Danie May said...

TFS a little piece of your home with us and your beautiful art and pottery collections Jackie. So fun to see! xx

Jo Murray said...

A FABULOUS pottery collection Jackie!...and all those great art pieces....thanks for sharing.

Bev said...

Oh Jackie your collections are wonderful ,thanks for sharing I do love those blue vases the best the variations of blue are so gorgeous you sure have an eye for selecting pieces ....

Tracey Fletcher King said...

I loved the tour and seeing how you live with art... Thinking I must plan a similar post soon... Great fun and thanks for sharing

Sue Marrazzo said...

LOTS of cool stuff to look at! It is a ll so inspiring, I'm sure! NICE post!!!!

Nancy TeWinkel said...

So many beautiful art pieces that reflect your beautiful artist soul.

aimarii said...

Oh my God, how much you have lovely treasures.
By the way - you have a lot of work too to wipe the dust off them. Heh, heh.

Stamping With Bibiana said...

what a wonderful thing to live surrounded by Art! your pieces are excellent, love many of them, the paper dolls are so fun and happy too. cheers on your post

Karla B said...

Beautiful home, my friend!Love your paper dolls collection!Superb!

denthe said...

oh yes, I really enjoyed the tour! So many different pieces of art. I especially love your studio and all the art hanging from the ceiling. Great idea this!

~*~Patty S said...

What a lovely post and home you have full of Love and art and so much more.
You put so much into this post too dear Jackie!
Thank you for sharing.

butterfly said...

What a wonderful post... thank you for sharing your artful surroundings - what inspiration to have all around you.
Alison xx

Joseph Cuccurullo said...

Love seeing a lot of your art around your house if you are like me you are running out of room. Thanks for the spot in front of the TV. Love Joe