Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Steampunk Art Page with Andy Skinner & DecoArt

I was so thrilled when my order came in from Stampendous,my Andy Skinner stamps arrived!!! woo hoo!
Right away I had to use them and this is the path I took-a Steampunk Travel art journal page-using my cool Andy stamps and stencils!

 I have a few steps to share if you would like to join me...
 First coated my page with black gesso
 Spritzed on Cyan Blue Mister and blew through a straw to disperse the spots
 Next,using Andy's Industrial Elements stencil,I stenciled with Mushroom then lightly pounced over in some areas using Quinacridone Violet
 Out came the modeling paste-because you know I love texture! Spritzed in Cyan Blue Mister and scraped through the Hurricane stencil with palette knife.
Just look at that texture- mmmm

 After this was dry,I used Silvery Shimmer ink and Liquid Platinum embossing powder for my stamping.

A few close-ups to share.
I noticed from the close ups that the under stencils appear to have blue in them,that is not the case~must be the rest of the page is sending off color vibes! ")
After the initial stenciled Tornado,I added random parts of it on the page and then went back over the one in the center and added some ink and embossing powder to bits of it.
Next,a few more pounces of Quin Violet here and there,just because I like the color!

When I was finally pleased with all of the color and elements, I coated the page with DuraClear Gloss. I just love the look this gives any finished piece! I suppose this is why it is hard to get accurate photos,but I assure you,it is yummy in real time!

 Products used:
Andy Skinner Industrial Elements Stencil
Andy Skinner Tornado Stencil
Andy Skinner Cling Steampunk Stamps
 Following are all DecoArt Products:
Media White Modeling Paste
Media Black Gesso
Primary Cyan Media Mister
Duraclear Gloss Varnish
 Media Fluid Acrylic in-
 Quinacridone Violet
Americana Multi Surface in
Other products used:
Delicata Silvery Shimmer-Tsukineko
Liquid Platinum Embossing Powder-Ranger


  Thank you so much for joining me again today- I have lots of other projects in the works and several pieces from various classes to share soon-hope to see you back!
Jackie ")


Shel C said...

A very cool page Jackie :) I like those stamps and stencils. The tornado one is awesome! Guess I better take a look and see how much they cost.

Win Dinn said...

You've had so much fun with these elements, Jackie - love what you've done with them. Movement, texture, colour, steampunk - what's not to love?!

Joseph Cuccurullo said...

You know I like texture well this has it!!! Love the colors and the design. GREAT JOB, Love it. I don't buy stencils but I may look into it.

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Love the steampunk effect! Cool trick about blowing thru the straw...used to do that in HD art class, a few years back, haaaHa teeHee

~*~Patty S said...

Fabulous texture and movement you've created on this lovely piece dear Jackie!
Beautifully done.

Monica Zúñiga said...

Very elegant my friend! Nice stamps!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

ONE WORD Jackie:


I am thrilled about this beautiful piece! AWESOME!

Valerie-Jael said...

Wow, totally fantastic, I LOVE what you have made! Woohoo for you! Hugs, Valerie

Angela Radford said...

Somebody's been having fun by the look of it! Great work Jackie, Angela x

Jo Murray said...

Beautifully rich and textured Jackie.

Sara Barker said...

Love the colors and the texture on your art page, Jackie! Thank you for sharing the steps you took to create this masterpiece!

Astrid Maclean said...

Such an interesting page Jackie, great use of those new goodies!!

Sue Butler said...

Hello Jackie,
This is a Wow...It has drama and it is loud, altogether a vibrant and spectacular piece of Art.
I think your photography is great.

Annette said...

Hi my dear, you know I can safely say without a doubt that you enjoyed doing this piece. It shows and the black gesso really gave some depth didn't it? Lots of texture and I haven't done any steam punk but hummm might have to play. I don't want to get left behind. oxox

Candy C said...

Very cool art journal page!! Love the black gesso beginnings. Your tutorial is awesome.

Bev said...

You are getting better and better and this is wicked you have achieved a great sense of movement ,well done ..

massofhair said...

WOW what an amazing page, my favourite DecoArt colour is the Quinacridone Violet it is so gorgeous! So many wonderful Andy Skinner elements and textures. Am very inspired to go and play:-) xxx

Kay Wallace said...

Love your journal page, Jackie! The tornado emphasizes (in my book) that travel can mean a whirl wind trip oftentimes, but always worth it! Perfect color here and there, too. You achieved great texture with your modeling paste--just now coming to embrace it here.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating tornado and wonderful textures! Very interesting prosess of work.

I don't have google+ any more, so I can't answer there.

Come to look at what a amazing hand made book I have got :-ooo

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow! The texture on this is just fabulous, Jackie! I love how full of
movement it is too. You have inspired me to break open my black Gesso! xxx

trisha too said...

Ooooh that is some FUN stuff there, all that yummy texture--delicious!!!


Darlene Campbell said...

That Dura Clear Gloss sounds wonderful. Always enchanted and entertained to see what new products you are using. And you utilize them as if you have experienced them for years. Great! His stencils are pretty cool...especially the tornado. A perfect piece for texture.

aimarii said...

Thanks for the key. Maybe I will find the lock too.
Nice, nice, nice..

I do not use google +.
I cannot look at your pictures there

Nancy TeWinkel said...

Makes such a cool journal cover! Love all the texture.
I believe when you love the cover, whatever follows will be awesome:) Can't wait to see how you fill the pages.

butterfly said...

Fabulous layers! I love the whirling cyclone and the liquid platinum embossing is glorious!
Alison xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Love the movement in this! So full of energy (which is something I could do with right now, LOL!)