Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Grandma's Brag Book using DecoArt Products & AlteredPages Board Book

 Grandma's Little Cupcakes

 Today's post is how I created this brag book for my sister Julie, who is Grandma to two precious little girls whom she absolutely adores!!
My sweet niece Allie was kind enough to send me photos of her babies,that my sister had not yet seen.Not only will the book be a surprise for Julie,but the photos,of her grandbabies Lauren & Lucy,and her daughters Allie & Amanda as well!  

Julie does not know about this yet as it is on it's way to her as I type,so mums the word!

Hope you enjoy reading about it,as much as I did creating this special book!

1.) Prep board book by covering all pages front and back with DecoArt Media Gesso

2.) First cake top, mixed Media Modeling Paste,Snow(Titanium) White and Media Matte Medium along with speckled paint,applied liberally,especially toward edges

3.)Paint overall with Primary Magenta mixed with Snow(Titanium) White
4.)Mix leftover paint with  Media Modeling Paste and small amount of Texture Sand Paste~Neutral
applied this through stencil and on edges of cake top

5.) Paint bottom with Espresso, mix small amount with Snow(Titanium) White and paint top.
6.) Liberally apply layer of Media Crackle Glaze.
When dry,wipe over wash of Burnt Umber.
7.)Repeat Step 6

 8.) Paint bottom half with Canary.
 9.)Mix Media Modeling Paste,Media Gesso and Duraclear Gloss Varnish to make frosting consistency and "frost" top

 10.) Paint bottom with Desert Turquoise,making designs with paint.
11.) Mix Desert Turquoise with Snow(Titanium) White and lightly paint over base. 
When dry,use dry brush technique with Desert Turquoise over raised areas.
12.)For the top use generous layer of Media White Crackle Paint

13.) Mix Pumpkin Patch and Snow(Titanium) White (separate into two amounts) add to one half  Media Texture Sand Paste~Neutral and paint bottom.
14.)With second half add Media Modeling Paste and push through stencil on top .
15.) When dry use Vermillion to dry brush over stenciled area.

 16.)Paint bottom with Sea Breeze mixed with Light Buttermilk
17.) With circle stencil,use Primary Magenta, Primary Yellow and Sea Breeze to create design.
 Footnote: I stitched a gelli print,made by my friend Becky,into an envelope and attached it this page,this is for my message to Julie.

18.) Paint bottom with  Splendid Gold wiping back center.
 Repeat two more times.
19.)Mix One Step Crackle with Splendid Gold and apply liberally to top.

20.)Paint two layers on top with Chartreuse.
21.)Push  Media Modeling Paste through stencil on top.
22.)Use Media Modeling Paste to stipple texture on base.
23.)Dry brush Chartreuse over stippled texture.

24.)Apply tissue or textured paper to top with Media Matte Medium
25.) While still wet spritz misters in Primary Magenta,Yellow over paper.
26.)Use sponge in Titanium White to pounce on wet Misters
27.Paint bottom with mix of Snow(Titanium) White and tiniest amount of Vermillion
28.) Dry brush bottom edges with sponge leftovers

 29.) Paint base with wash of Vermillion and Pumpkin Patch
30.)Stenciled layers of Vermillion,Pumpkin Patch and Splendid Gold

No details for this one,as you can see,it drastically changed by the end! I will say I used Americana Sea Breeze and lots of various embossing powders")

31.) Covered Front and Back of book with scrapbook paper using Media Matte Medium for glue.
32.) Also used Media Matte Medium to apply photos to the frosted tops.
33.)Decorated with graphics and embellishments.

All DecoArt Materials used,unless otherwise stated:
Graphics from various sources include:
Land Of Nod Studios-Deb Burnham
Crowabout StudioB- Nancy Baumiller
Hidden Vintage Studios
Arfully Musing-Laura Carson
itKuPiLLli Imaginarium
Altered Artifacts
AlteredPages Products
Cupcake Board Book-AlteredPages
German Scrap-AlteredPages
Stencils used from various sources include:

A huge special thank you to Allie & Aron for sharing these photos with me! xo

And thank you for joining me today. I really hope I have inspired you to create something special or fun-for yourself or as a gift! 
Jackie ")


~*~Patty S said...

OH MY Goodness Jackie!!!
What a precious precious keepsake you've created and with surprise photos to boot.
Each cupcake is sweeter than the last with those darling photos.
Thank you for sharing such sweetness with us ♥ I can only imagine your sister's face when she opens your gift! I bet she sheds some happy tears (I know I would!!!)

Valerie-Jael said...

These are the sweetest little cupcakes I have seen in a long time - just gorgeous! Hugs, Valerie

Darlene Campbell said...

This wins the prize! They are beautiful. like you. This is so darn cute. Julie is going to flip when sh sees it. What a treasure (and lots of work)...I mean look at that list of supplies you used. Cheers-Darlene

Win Dinn said...

What a fabulous book, Jackie - she's going to be over the moon when she receives this! Well done...xo

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Your sistet will loooove this!

Anonymous said...

OH!!! What a book! This'll be a surprise of a year!!
You have made a very large job, really many sides and layers. Wonderful! I am sure Your Sister'll love this. I do :-)

Sue Marrazzo said...

REALLY Fun and Soooooo Creative!
I like the GOLD one the best!

massofhair said...

Loving your cupcake keepsake Jackie, it is wonderful and so creative :-) xxx

Bev said...

Oh my what a wonderful surprise I promise I won't spoil it lol your sister is so lucky to have you and they are all so cute ,such a gift of love....

ann said...

Oh Jackie this is so gorgeous such a wonderful gift and surprise. xx

Dee Adams said...

Oh Jackie your sister is going to love this. X

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my Goodness Jackie!
A dreamy keepsake did you create here.
Each single page is a treasure and all those darling photos are so super sweet.
Thank you for sharing with us, your sister will be thrilled about it for sure!
xxx Susi

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh, this is an absolute delight, Jackie! I love every page. What a wonderful idea. I love how each page is a sweet surprise! Well done, she's going to so love this! I adore the crackle, by the way! xx

Angela Radford said...

This is so special and your sister is going to love it and so will the girls. Thanks for sharing it with us, Angela x

aimarii said...

Oh, so lovely and sweet cakes you have made. I am sure your sister will be so surprised.
How long it took time when you were baking. you had so many icings heh, heh...?

denthe said...

omg, she's gonna be so happy! This really is a bragbook, perfect to take everywhere with her and show it to all her friends. You might get some "commissions" from people wanting to have the same ;-)

Sara Barker said...

What a creative album you have so lovingly put together here, Jackie! Your "icing" on each one of the cupcakes is just the best! The photos of your niece and her babies are so sweet, too! Thanks for sharing this marvel!

And thank you, too, for the wonderful comments on my blog and elsewhere! You have really made my day! So gratifying to know someone appreciates my humor!