Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Is it Spring yet? Making my own spring by creating canvases filled with color!

Seems like lately,I have not been on social media much,though this may be true,I have been busy in the studio!
Today I post a few photos of pieces completed  and a few extra to share with you~so grab your cuppa and enjoy!

 This first painting is from a class I am taking over at Soul Food 2015.
These flowers were inspired by Roberta Laliberte's class.
 Our class was to work with eight smaller canvases,but as I started,I knew realistically I would only finish one at this time~so I chose to go bigger and complete one.
At first I was not very pleased with my canvas,but the more I view it the more it warms on me~really makes me feel spring(which has not yet arrived here! Argh!!)
I know when time allows,I will go back to create the eight canvases! 
You know what they say!Practice, practice, practice!
If you are unfamiliar with Roberta Laliberte, please take a look at the link;her style and techniques are wonderful and her paintings~Brilliant!  
Also,if you have never experienced Soul Food~ put it on your art bucket list !!
One of the best classes I have ever signed on for!
Thank you Mystele, Heather and Jeanette and  sous chefs!!

 Here next,are pictures of a journal page I created, using Teesha Moore Astronaut Club collage bits as well as inspired by Teesha's style.

I do love this page!

 Next up are a few photos of my son, Len and beautiful dil Neda~with their celebration of Persian new year;our first day of spring. 
It pleases me that Neda and Len celebrate some of Neda's traditions. 
And some day I might even be visiting when they do,so I may take part! That would be grand!

Len decorating the eggs~he gets his artful talent from Mom! heehee
 Beautiful Len & Neda! Proud Mom here! ")
What a gorgeous table setting!!
Neda has kindly put together a bit of a narrative about the meaning and tradition behind Persian New Year to share with us-Thank you sweet Neda!

About Nowrouz celebration;
The haft sin is composed of “haft” (seven) essential symbols which start with S in Persian alphabet plus egg, candle, mirror and fish-in-water
The symbols break down into the material world symbols (or “donyaheh mahdoodiat”), the conceptual world symbols (or “donayeh maanah”), and one that sits between and ties the two worlds together.
Symbols of the Material world:
  1. sang (stone)  or sekkeh (coin) – symbol of matter, the lowest form of the material world
  2. sabzeh (grass, wheat, barley or lentil sprouts growing in a dish) – symbol of the vegetable world and of re-birth
  3. tokhmeh morgh (egg) – decorated with designs – symbol of the animal kingdom and of fertility
  4. samanu (sweet pudding made of wheat germ) –symbol of affluence
  5. Seer (garlic) – symbolizing medicine
Symbols of the Conceptual world:
  1. sham (candle) – symbol of the light of being, energy or the creative force
  2. ayehneh (mirror) – symbol of the field of possibilities where the creative force reflects and makes everything possible
  3. mahee (fish in water) – symbol the infinite (water) and life within it (fish)
  4. Senjed  (dried oleaster Wild Olive fruit) - symbolizing love
  5. Somaq (sumac fruit) – symbolizing (the color of) sunrise and new day
  6. Seeb (apple) – symbolizing beauty and health
Symbol that ties the two together:
  1. sharab or serkeh– wine or vinegar – symbol of the human, with the jug or glass as the body (material) and the wine as the spirit (conceptual)
Taken as a group these symbols show a progression from the material to the spiritual, with stone (matter) at the lowest end, and candle (energy) at the highest, and the wine (human) in the middle, connecting these two worlds together.  So, this is the point of the haft sin, to remind us of our purpose as humans in this world; the idea that we are here to not only experience limitation and the material world, but also to experience transcendence and higher consciousness in the spiritual or conceptual realm.
How does one do that?  Well, that’s where the whole thing ties into the celebration of Nowruz, which is all about renewal and the start of Spring.  The haft sin is a symbolic reminder of the constant renewal (or rebirth) that can happen when one transcends and balances the material (mind), with the immaterial (spirit), by letting life flow through oneself in a perpetual state of acceptance, amazement and appreciation of each moment as it happens 
 (This should be celebrated by everyone- in my opinion! )

 Again Neda, thank you so much for putting this together- xx

And finally, here is a sneak peek of a project I am working on and will post about soon!!
 Texture....mmmmmm I love texture!!

I hope to be back to posting with descriptions and steps soon- life has gotten in the way and has led to the brevity of my art posts- so stay tuned!
Thanks for your visit! 
Jackie ")


Anita Houston said...

Gorgeous children and gorgeous art! LOVE the flowers!

Win Dinn said...

Wow, you certainly have been busy in the studio...your spring floral is delicious, and that page is outstanding. And you KNOW how I love texture...that sneak peek has me wanting more, more, MORE!

Jo Murray said...

Thanks for the info and lovely pics. Love your texture.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Your journal page is really really beautiful and great, I love it, too.
I am waitig what's coming about Your amazing texture.
Greetings...and spring is coming...with Your flowers :-)

Julie Ann Lee said...

Well, Jackie, I love those colourful flowers. They look so shimmering and vibrant. Teesha's work is so wonderful. I really want to join the Astronaut club, but I just haven't got around to it. Now you've spurred me on. I love the page you created. I looked and looked with such delight at all the detail. How beautiful your daughter in law is and your son is so handsome. Lovely blog post, Jackie. xx

Bev said...

Delightful post Jackie and great class work, I love reading about your DIL traditions thanks for sharing ,they make a beautiful couple....

Nancy TeWinkel said...

So many lovely art pieces to feast upon! The post about the Persian New Year was awesome and yes, beautiful table, but so meaningful!
Spring gets to be a busy time, but also seems to be an inspirational time. Lots of renewing and flowers blooming.

Teresa Arsenault said...

You have been up to some crafty goodness, Jackie. Love your pink flowers.

aimarii said...

You made your own spring. Very cunning. Tell me please how I could made the same here. We have so winter so winter still.
All of these art pictures and the symbols of Persian New year table setting are like soul food to me. So splendid they are.
How happy you can be your dearest young people close to you.

~*~Patty S said...

This is such a beautiful post on so many levels Jackie!
Thank you for sharing your artwork
your precious family with us ♥ ♥ ♥
Happy April
Happy Spring
Happy Happy Everything

butterfly said...

What a gorgeous spring bouquet in your first canvas and wonderful works throughout the post... Loving the texture on that final sneak peek. Off to see whether I've already missed the full reveal!
Alison xx