Thursday, February 5, 2015

Altered Pages Post with Valentine collages!

Hello and welcome to February- a month filled with LOVE & SNOW~ at least in my neck of the world! teehee
Today I am sharing with you some of Valentines I have made- some to be hung in the windows and others for sharing- hope you find some inspiration in my post! 

    I started out with some paper heart doilies and cardboard hearts I had. After stringing the red hearts and then gluing them to the lace doily- the fun began!
  I printed out Altered Pages Valentine collages and fancy cut the pieces I would use.

 The Distress Markers were used to outline the Love quote to give depth to it.
Stickles galore!
     Lots of Stickles glitter glue here- yes, I am a fan of Stickles!

And now close ups of each Valentine- using the collage pieces 


Distress Stickles & DecoArt Liquid Glass

Liquid Pearls

Stickles,DecoArt Liquid Glass&Embossing Powder

Embossing Glitter,Stickles &DecoArt Liquid Glass
This one was created with AlteredPages Gold Leaf- I love this stuff- it gives every piece elegance!

Altered Pages Products used:
To Thine own Self be True  Collage
Always in Love Collage
Heart-ily Agree Collage
GoldLeaf - Try It
Nori Paste
  Other products used:
Doily Hearts
Red Ribbon
DecoArt Liquid Glass
Cardboard Heats
Distress Markers
Liquid Pearls
Embossing Glitter

 For my organization tip, I am sharing my marker and pen storage that I upcycled. 
My hub had bought at auction about 12 of those metal and plastic drawer organizers-used for nuts,bolts,etc.
Seeing that he had so many...I snagged a few for my own use! teeheehee
  This one I painted up in some of my fav colors and added some favorite papers on the side and back. I filled the drawers that pens and markers would fit into and removed others for my longer ones. 
I had an issue with my pens/markers going dry- so after a bit of research, I found that many artists suggest laying them vertically-

So, you are getting a two for one today as I never hit publish last week and this post had been sitting as a draft! oops!- Enjoy ")

 Hello everyone and welcome to the next to the last day of January- already! 
We here at Altered Pages are still partnering with DecoArt for these last two days- so a little bit more painting fun for you!

So I created a journal page on one of my favorite indulgences! 
                                     Coffee of course! 
  I used the whole  "Take your coffee black" collage sheet from Altered Pages as well as a few of my favorite DecoArt Colors-both Americana and from the Media Acrylic line
I also used the StencilGirl stencil~ Layered Salad by Terri Stegmiller
 This journal spread is my interpretation of the theme~
Words with Friends~  over at The Documented Life Project

Products used:
Altered Pages Collage Sheet~ Take Your Coffee Black

DecoArt Americana-  Snow (Titanium) White
DecoArt Americana~Poppy
DecoArt Americana~Desert Turquoise
DecoArt Americana~ Spa Blue
DecoArt Americana~Indian Turquoise
DecoArt Media Acrylic ~ Cobalt Teal Hue
DecoArt Media Acrylic Cobalt Turquoise Hue

Thanks so much for stopping in- Jackie ")


Corrine at said...

Valentines are so old fashioned and pretty. Great organization bin for your markers! xox

Janet Ghio said...

Such pretty old fashioned valentines!! I love every one of them! And what a great storage idea for your pens!!

aimarii said...

You have created a very romantic Valentine´s atmosphere.♥
Nice valentine´s cards all of them.

Win Dinn said...

Love the vintage feel of the Valentines - the old world look is very pleasing! And that gorgeous colour combo of turquoise and red has my colour piggy squealing with delight. Yummmmmmm.

Valerie-Jael said...

Love those adorable sparkly Valentine hearts! Hugs. Valerie

Valerie-Jael said...

Love those adorable sparkly Valentine hearts! Hugs. Valerie

Valerie-Jael said...

Love those adorable sparkly Valentine hearts! Hugs. Valerie

Valerie-Jael said...
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Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Love your Valentine's hearts, Jackie! They are so marvelously vintage! When you mentioned the storage cases your husband bought on action, I thought "oh, wow, what a thoughtful husband" until I read that he bought them for his nuts and bolts, LOL! Good on you for taking some of them off his hands! In my house, my husband's eyeing up my little drawer unit for his own DIY stuff. No way, Jose!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God how much love and romantic!
Very beautiful! You have in secret made and painted so much fine cards and art. You are really amazing with these matherials. I am very proud about You, You are magician - hehee :-D
Greetings from here very long distance, but very near anyway.

Kay Wallace said...

The collection of old-fashioned valentines is a treasure, Jackie! All are so delicately assembled and beautiful. I also love your organization unit for your markers. I am beginning to get mine organized, but in various locations. What you have brings them together and "at hand." Totally genius!

Shel C said...

Those valentines are so romantic looking Jackie :) I like the gold leaf one best... That product looks fun. I think permanently borrowing a tool case or two is a perfect solution for your pens! :)

Julie Ann Lee said...

What a wealth of warm colour and warm hearts! I love what you created here, the vintage look is fantastic - such delightful images. This post definitely brightened up my cold winter evening! xxx

~*~Patty S said...

So much to L♥ve here dear Jackie...
Precious Valentines and wowee on your organization...sure looks inviting and like the perfect place to play and create!

Bev said...

Love is in the air lol wonderful creations and you sure are in the spirit ,these are just wonderful thanks for sharing and always love a twofer lol

Nancy TeWinkel said...

Your valentines warm my heart:)

butterfliecrafter said...

Those Valentine's heart are so cute

Ruth L said...

Jackie darling, I loved the layered hearts, especially how you added a dolly all the time, heart shaped or round it looks like a lace and makes everything so fragile like a real heart! Wonderful project!

butterfly said...

Love your double post!! The vintage images on the Valentines are so sweet, and the storage idea for the pens is really clever. I've read that about keeping them horizontally too (though I really don't have many pens so it's not much of an issue for me).
Alison xx

Robin Horasanian said...

I love all the lacey layers on your Valentines. So pretty!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wow... amazing layers on this lovely hearts! Great post Jackie!
Happy weekend!