Sunday, January 4, 2015

Paying it forward

 Today I am sharing a short post about a project I recently completed. 
Early in 2014, I participated in a FB share of Paying it Forward. 
One had to share on their timeline a post that read,The first 5 people to comment,would receive something from me in the mail before the end of the year.
This could be a piece of art,postcard or letter,trinket,or even cookies!really,anything- but had to be mailed before the year was up! Well, I finally mailed the last of my gifts on 30 December...and I am happy to say,everyone has now received their gifts- and hopefully like them as well! heehee
       Here are a few pictures of what was sent...

My first piece went to Michael in Baldwinsville,New York
 Mike and I have known each other since we were 5-grew up across the street from one another. Mike has always been a fan of my art-even the painted rocks I made when I was 7! heehee
 Next,this piece went to Donna in Marcellus,NY

Then there was a box filled with bits and bobs,pieces of lace and artsy trinkets which was received by Annette in Texas

And this little one went to Linda in New York City

                               Her name in Fleur
 A few years back, Linda and I were in a paper doll swap group and Linda had received, my Nashia
(named for the flower Echinacea which she wears around her neck)

Linda has always told me how much she loves her doll and even uses it as her Christmas tree topper- so I thought Nashia should have a younger sister to keep her company.

     This framed piece went to Janet in Missouri
                      This,as well as Mike's are prints from a larger acrylic painting I had done.
notice anyone familiar here?

A box of homemade White Christmas and tin of the Original KarmelKorn from Syracuse went to Minnesota for Julie&Tim 

These two fun packages of goodies went to my sons and daughter-il,in California

And finally, this tag went to my dear friend Darlene in Ohio.
Darlene is the first person I had ever met online and started a regular chat with;first in our online class,then email,and finally weekly calls. We now hold a dear friendship and hope to meet in person one day-maybe this is the year!

Thank you for your visit and hope you'll come back again soon- lots of new things to share this year!!
Stay tuned! hugs and creative wishes~
Jackie ")


Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

What a wonderful idea! Lovely gifts for your Facebook friends!

Ruth L said...

Wow, Jackie, what a great gifts, I loved the collage that you are in the middle of it hehehe :-) that's the best present ever! Of course all the rest is perfect, the cards, the tags and the doll, the doll is very cute!

Fran McGuirt said...

This is a Fabulous Jackie, what a great idea.

Win Dinn said...

Oh, Jackie - what fun! I love seeing all those goodies, and appreciate immensely the work you did to create such personal gifts. Well done!

Jo Murray said...

Fortunate recipients indeed. Such lovely goodies!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

WOW... I am thrilled about all this wonderful gifts!
Lucky recipients all these people!

Dee Adams said...

What a lovely idea Jackie inspired choices each with special meaning. My fav is the tag, happy new year to you Dee x

Bev said...

They are all so beautiful I treasure the one you sent me and I think you are the Mexican lady lol

Annette said...

Love them all but my box of goodies is just pure awesome and I have already used some of the paper on a new project way to go wild lady. xoxoox wonderful present and can't wait to use the rest. oxoxoxxo

Shel C said...

Wow, what a great idea :) Fun stuff you sent and lucky people who got them!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting project!! You have had much to do with this. Great presents! It was nice You told a little about all friends who got a present. It was very nice to hear You have had fan even seven years old, wow, keep him very good care.

I stay waiting all interesting what You'll make this year.
Have a creative and happy year my friend, greetings Uuna, from far a way, from Finland

Darlene Campbell said...

Ah ha! I'm grateful to be "your first" online partner extrodinaire!
You made me think back to Strathmore and Hands and Heart where we first hung out together! Love you and I think you need to rally something up with paper dolls on Google Mixed Media as yours are wonderful and magical. I have my tag in my studio where I can see it every day.

aimarii said...

Great! You have always something new in your mind. What a nice idea.

butterfly said...

What an amazing way to pay it forward - these must have given such pleasure when they arrived - and I love the idea of all that creativity winging its way around the world. This post has really put a smile on my face.
Alison xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Love all those wonderful creations, the people who received them are really lucky.
Hugs. Valerie

Julia S-W said...

Wonderful creations Jackie! I love the idea of sharing your art with all these people.

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Love my dolly! I actually don't remember that post, but am glad to have been part of it...what a great idea!

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jackie, thanks for the visit. So much to see, you have been busy, lucky friends. Happy crafting, Angela x

denthe said...

You are making a lot of people very happy I think... So generous and kind of you, and a great way to finish the old year!

Karla B said...

Love your iidea. Include me next time because I love your art.

Judy Dahl said...

So much fun stuff Jackie. I have had no time to check out posts as I have been oil painting with the fabulous artist Alice Saltiel Marshall. I am trying to absorb as much knowledge as I possibly can. Eventually I will get back to playing on Google. Thank you for sharing your art with us.