Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday art to share

Hello friends, old and new! 
  Just a quick post today to let you know, I am still here, just real busy creating artful pieces for my design teams! Alteredpages-Artsociates and

  I have photos of finished projects,but no tuts to share~as these were started some time ago and I just recently picked them up again and let my muse go all creative on them!
  Sometimes she does that! teeheehee

"In the Garden of the Muses"

 I had to share the close-ups of this piece because they are so darn yummy!!

  Next is a plate and frame I found at a yard sale, I printed out a piece of my art and cut and collaged it onto the plate-
              a few journal pages - just for fun...

this one is dedicated to my sisters

  and my first set of pages for the DLP-
 only because Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith asked!
I don't share journal pages with my notes or thoughts- those are for me to reflect on ")
and finally- look what I scored! I won a giveaway over at Alpha Stamps-fun stuff-Paris related! Oui!

Some have been asking about the "girls"~ so stay tuned- I'll be sharing a post with them soon!!

As always, thank you so very much for visiting and sharing your thoughts!
Creative wishes coming your way~
Jackie ")

Monday, January 19, 2015

Guest design post for Country View Crafts Challenges

 WOW! was I ever thrilled to be asked to be a guest designer for Country View Challenges!!
On any given day, the inspiration that is shown on CVC is to say the least, Incredible- so when I was notified by Chris, I was over the moon excited! 
Our challenge for this month is to Try Something New-to you.
Next came the mind racking- what shall I create? Well if you follow along I'll show and tell and hopefully will have inspired you to go try something new!!

Chris also asked, that I share a bit about me,then onto my project!
Hello, Jackie P Neal here!
To begin, I am a mainly self-taught, mixed media artist,loving all sorts and types of mediums and products- texture and color exciting my muse!
I live in a rural town in upstate New York,called Wolcott,on a small "farmette" of 13 acres,as we like to call it.Unfortunately for me, but good for the pocketbook,we live about 50 miles from any art supply stores! Ugh!- thank you Internet shopping!! heehee Everyday life for me is spending time with my husband and Golden Retriever; either gardening, walking the woods, putting up vegetables,organizing in the pole barn or in my studio playing and making art.
My life is truly blessed and I'm really so glad to be able to share some of  it with others-
My project this month was a  piece created by using or doing something new to me. I had to think hard on this because I like to try everything once,sometimes twice-teehee so I wasn't sure of what I would do.
Recently I was watching a tutorial from a friend's blog,Susanne Rose where she was using Gelatos on ATC's. Light-bulb moment here- I remembered in the beginning of the year,2014-that is, I won a set of Gelatos from Retro Cafe' Art and had not yet used them!!  This is what I created, a mini piece of wall art, featuring  my using Gelatos for the first time.

For my substrate I used a piece of cardstock that had nice edging on both sides. I used the blue Gelato around the outside edges,smoothed in with my fingers and just inside of the blue on the top I used gold which was feathered-in to the blue.

 My next step was to use a piece of scrap paper and apply with gel medium some vintage text. On this I used the same technique, applying Gelatos blue and gold, with my favorite art tool,my fingers! 

This time I used more of the gold, filling up the center of the text. 
( I forgot to add to the original post, that i added a layer of DecoArt Triple Thick Gloss Glaze to which I added some flake glitter for sparkle)

 Next was to add a few sprays of Lindy's starbursts,which is seen better in close-up. 

After that I added some DecoArt Crackle Glaze,to give that vintage look to the center piece.

This part was then adhered to the substrate and scrap art graphics by itKuPiLLi were added.  was added.  The tiny gold stars at the top are pieces of gold gilt/leafing-applied with gel medium.And then I added just a hint of liquid glitter to the edges.

On the bottom I added a smaller piece made the same way and attached this with a series of 3 jump rings. 
And to this hanging piece, I added my quote. 

Thank you so much for joining me and many thanks and big hugs to Chris and the others at CVC for asking me along! 
  Jackie P Neal ")

Thursday, January 15, 2015

DecoArt Mixed Media Treasure Boxes

 Hi - Jackie here!
 I'm back for another post Featuring our Partner for the month of January~ DecoArt!
DecoArt has been around for ever! teeheehee Okay, I exaggerate! At least for a long time! And over the last year or so they have added such a yummy line of mixed media products- full of rich pigmented colors and all kinds of fun textures and mediums! Check them out- I just know you will find some products that will be on your "have to have" list!

 So, let's get started- I had some boxes in my stash that were from a previous project- that did not go well...

 First was to cover over previously painted boxes with gesso. 
After they dried,
 I added flexible modeling paste through a snowflake stencil and waited over night.
  Next came my first coats of color~
DecoArt Dazzling Metallics-Worn Penny on the round box

 and DecoArt Dazzling Metallics- Venetian Gold on the oval shaped box

Next were my first coats of color,which I applied with both my fingers and by dry brush

 Here I knocked back the blues a bit with some DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic-Yellow Oxide

and then continued adding layer after layer of color till I achieved the look I wanted

Finally came the two coats of DecoArt Media Gloss Varnish to seal in all that beautiful color and texture.

I'm so glad you joined my today! I do hope I convinced your muse to get into your studio and play some art!!

   Jackie P Neal ")
Don't forget to stop by my blog for more mixed media fun!

Make sure to head over to for all of the Winter Celebration products and inspiration kits!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Paying it forward

 Today I am sharing a short post about a project I recently completed. 
Early in 2014, I participated in a FB share of Paying it Forward. 
One had to share on their timeline a post that read,The first 5 people to comment,would receive something from me in the mail before the end of the year.
This could be a piece of art,postcard or letter,trinket,or even cookies!really,anything- but had to be mailed before the year was up! Well, I finally mailed the last of my gifts on 30 December...and I am happy to say,everyone has now received their gifts- and hopefully like them as well! heehee
       Here are a few pictures of what was sent...

My first piece went to Michael in Baldwinsville,New York
 Mike and I have known each other since we were 5-grew up across the street from one another. Mike has always been a fan of my art-even the painted rocks I made when I was 7! heehee
 Next,this piece went to Donna in Marcellus,NY

Then there was a box filled with bits and bobs,pieces of lace and artsy trinkets which was received by Annette in Texas

And this little one went to Linda in New York City

                               Her name in Fleur
 A few years back, Linda and I were in a paper doll swap group and Linda had received, my Nashia
(named for the flower Echinacea which she wears around her neck)

Linda has always told me how much she loves her doll and even uses it as her Christmas tree topper- so I thought Nashia should have a younger sister to keep her company.

     This framed piece went to Janet in Missouri
                      This,as well as Mike's are prints from a larger acrylic painting I had done.
notice anyone familiar here?

A box of homemade White Christmas and tin of the Original KarmelKorn from Syracuse went to Minnesota for Julie&Tim 

These two fun packages of goodies went to my sons and daughter-il,in California

And finally, this tag went to my dear friend Darlene in Ohio.
Darlene is the first person I had ever met online and started a regular chat with;first in our online class,then email,and finally weekly calls. We now hold a dear friendship and hope to meet in person one day-maybe this is the year!

Thank you for your visit and hope you'll come back again soon- lots of new things to share this year!!
Stay tuned! hugs and creative wishes~
Jackie ")

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mixed Media postcards with DecoArt & Altered Pages

                           HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone! 

How appropriate that my first post here with Altered Pages is on the first day of the new year!! ~ I couldn't be more excited!!
Our January partner is DecoArt-so,I will be showing you some pieces that I have created using both products from Altered Pages as well as DecoArt- sit down with your cuppa and have a read... heavy! teeheehee
My project for you today is creating mixed media postcards to send out New Year wishes to friends near and far- 
When sending postcards, they have to remain thin and also be the size of 4.25 x 5.50 in order to be sent as a postcard. 
 With this is mind...I printed my collage sheets on a thin bright white presentation paper (not photo grade). 
Next, I fancy~cut a large assortment of Altered Pages collages pieces to choose from, I like to mix and match- create a bit of fun!
Collage Sheets I used for this project are ~ 
Vintage now AP 378
A Child's New Years AP 2057
Showgirls AP 963
Vintage New Year AP 2058
 I used both preprinted postcards as well as some cut from thin cardstock.
 For my first completed postcard I simply used Nori Paste  to glue on my chosen collage cut outs and then added Gold Opulence Corners and a greeting using my Silver Gel Pen
For my next cards, I used my DecoArt Media Acrylics to create washes for my backgrounds...
 I squirted a drop of each color onto my mat and loaded my paintbrush with water and just swiped the colors across the card. Next,I loaded a smaller brush with water and white paint and swirled random circles as well as splattered the white.

 Each postcard is sealed with a coat or two of DecoArt Gloss Varnish- this gives a beautiful sheen as well as ensures no edges are sticking up from any of the added pieces.
 With these next two postcards I added DecoArt white Media Crackle Paint with a palette knife

 one card- all over and then a wash of Dazzling Metallics~Worn Penny over the white

    And on the second postcard, the Crackle Paint was added at the base to represent snow...

 A close up to show how neat the snow looks with that bit of crackling and it also stayed on the thin side for mailing.
Now, for my next grouping of postcards, I gessoed the backs of each and while they were drying, I filled my Ultra Fine Mist Sprayers with water and a a drop of each of my chosen colors of DecoArt Media Acrylics
I gave each a good shake a spritzed away- some I held upright to let drips form and others after spraying I picked up two of and pushed the wet paint against one another- you can see that the gesso was not dry here and gave another layer of interest to the background.

Hopefully I have filled your muse with enough inspiration to start out your New Year with some fun! 
Be sure to stop back tomorrow and the following days to see what each of the talented Altered Page design team has come up with to inspire you further!!