Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wintery Sleigh Ride!

Another recycled item to share with you today!

  I  do hope you have your cuppa full, because this is a  l o n g- pictured post with lots of yummy texture and colors- featuring DecoArt products.

                       Sit back and enjoy!  
 So,if you don't know me yet, you'll find, I'm not big on cutsie, not at all - so,when I found this sleigh at a garage sale - I knew that a heavy coat of gesso and some paint would work wonders! teeheehee
First thing was to remove the hardware and give the overall piece a light sanding


 The metal pieces received a spray coat of a beautiful brushed silver paint.
The sleigh carriage received a coat of gesso in and out.
 And now on to my colors.
  I pulled out all of my blues and whites,off white included, shimmer and matte as I was not yet sure of my final choice
 I decided on a mixed palette of  
Spa Blue,Sea Glass,Light Buttermilk and a touch Cobalt Teal Hue.
 My next step was for the layering- 
Dollops of White Wash, Titanium White,White Pearl, and Turquoise Interference and a makeup sponge...
I mix my colors as I pounce so the shades are intermingled.

 And now, pouncing color through Tim Holtz's HollyBough stencil onto the carriage.
 Next using my Shimmering Silver, I pounced random stars through a stencil the same as above.

 For my textured layer, I used the mix of leftover paints and a bit more of Shimmering Silver together with light modeling paste.
 This is applied through the stencil with my palette knife,covering both sides and the front & back of carriage.
I let this dry overnight and then sanded down the peaks and sharp edges.


On to my snowflakes- well this was a cluster!
 I mixed colors and painted each and every Chipboard Snowflake I could find!

Then I decided I did not like the way they looked- 
just not enough pop!
So I decided to glitter them!
Here's a short story about embossing your glitter-
I watched a tutorial on Youtube about embossing your glitter so it would stay in place and not flake off! I thought,hey!way cool idea-I'm gonna do this!
Well, after burning my fingers 2 or 3 times and in the throws of burning my fingers, quickly moving the heat tool away, blowing it into the dish of fine glitter.....
What a mess!!! I had enough of this-real quick! heeheehee  So glad I wasn't recording this! ")
So I finished by gluing and adding glitter to my snowflakes and left them to dry while I continued on with my layering!
Next layer was a light application of Ranger Archival Ink ~Forget-Me-Not around the edges of the carriage body-giving it a gentle distressed look


Using my fingers, I gently brushed over the modeling paste areas a light coat of InkaGold~Haematite (metallic dark grey)

Next layer was a mixed coat of DecoArt Glazing Medium along with DecoArt Media~Turquoise Interference
over the entire carriage body.

 When all was dry I applied one final layer of Americana DuraClear Gloss Varnish.

 My last steps were to add my snowflakes using E6000 glue and reattach the sleighs and handle.

          Santa in his new sleigh in front
               of the Christmas tree!

 And finally...Chum is just itching to get ahold of Momma's vintage Santa...

 and he is quite annoyed when I tell him - No way!

Thanks so much for joining me and I really hope to have inspired you today!
Maybe you'll find some old and tired treasure that could use a lift and upcycle it !
Jackie ")


Jessica Sporn said...

wow - so gorgeous. Way to keep with it through all those steps. The final result is stunning!

Renee said...

This really turned out gorgeous! I love all the products and techniques that you used.

Win Dinn said...

This is extraordinary, Jackie! WowZA!

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely work, it looks fantastic now! Valerie

Anonymous said...

Wow! WOW! Amazing! You had very large and big job with this but it was worht it beacause now the Santa is in so beautiful ride.
I think it is rather big, not in the table or side the christmas tree. How long is it?
You made really magnificent work Jackie,
greetings Uuna

Kay Wallace said...

Apparently, Chum likes this project as much as I do! A great re-make, Jackie. You brought this piece into today's time, but with a definitely sense of elegance! Merry Christmas!

Astrid Maclean said...

Amazing, absolutely love how this turned out and such a great step by step too! The sledge looks absolutely wonderful now, great colours!!!

Jo Murray said...

A lot of effort...but what a result! Beautiful.

Karenliz Henderson said...

Jackie, this is gorgeous. I love all your pictures following your process.

Teresa Arsenault said...

I love tha tyou showed all of your steps. This turned out beautiful.

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Noce redo for Santa, tjos sleigh is a great size. I could see it on the front stoop too! xox

~*~Patty S said...

Brilliant transformation making that cool sleigh a new treasured Christmas deco!
Happy December Jackie

Judy Shea said...

Jackie.. are you kidding? This is GREAT, my friend. Great tutorial showing all the steps. Came out gorgeous.

Judy Shea said...

Jackie.. are you kidding? This is GREAT, my friend. Great tutorial showing all the steps. Came out gorgeous.

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Brilliant project! The vintage Santa and the sleigh are a match made in heaven! I really enjoyed your photo tutorial. Lovely textures all over!

Bev said...

Laughing at Chum as I type lol this is gorgeous and I thought it was small but it's quite a good size ,love your remake it's fabulous ....hugz bev

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Ho ho ho! You rocked it Jackie! Really delicious colors.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow, Jackie, what a transformation! I so love what you did with the sleigh. I read this post transfixed right through to the end. I'll bet you were so excited to say Goodbye to that little snowman and bring on all the lovely texture and glimmer! It looks fab; but I did feel just a little bit sorry for Chum! He looks so disappointed that he can't get his paws on that Vintage Santa! xxx

Ruth L said...

Jackie, what an upcycling, looks 100% better than the original. Loved how you applied layer after layer. By the way Chum is a good-looking company there! ;))

Julia S-W said...

Stunning transformation Jackie and I love all the DecoArt products you've used! Like you, I don't really do cute so thank goodness you covered up the original - burnt fingers and all!

Monica Zúñiga said...

Wohoo! what a great make over!! I wish I had one of those! ;)

Annette said...

Love this and the details of the tut is awesome. You know I had one like this and when selling my props when I sold my photography business sold it. Man I wish now I had some of the things I sold but that was before I started playing with all the mixed media. Oh well I can sit back and enjoy yours keep warm and ho ho ho oxox

Darlene Campbell said...

I'm laughing out loud at Santa's expression, "Ugh! You mean we're doing this again this year!?"
That Santa is perfect and I can see why Chum thinks it should be his. The last photo of Chum says it all. This sleigh is fabulous and it looks so delightful with the silver tree. Need to get my silver tree up...maybe tonight. Out all day today and tomorrow Matthew is here. My days off just whiz by.

aimarii said...

Very great sleigh and what the best, you have done it. Nice work, but where are reindeers or who will draw Santa´s sleigh?

Gaby Bee said...

What a transformation! You've done a great job. The sleigh turned out beautiful. Love the color, all your little touches and addition of sparkle...just everything. Thanks for all the step by step photos.

Holiday hugs,

Lisa S. said...

Wow, thanks for all of the photos Jackie. This is quite the transformation! Love it and your silver tree too. :) Merry Christmas!

butterfly said...

Oh what a deliciously frosty sleigh - fabulous transformation, Jackie! Love the shimmer of the interference and those glittery snowflakes... sorry to hear about the glittery woes en route!!
Alison xx

die amelie said...

LOL...isn't it fab how dogs can look so fed up? Mine does it too when told that she cannot go into our sleeping room during daytime.

I can imagine your glittery heat emboss struggle quite well... hope the fingers are well by now.

But it was so worth all the effort! The sleigh make over is absolutely fab and I always admire how a little Interference media can go such a long way and turn stuff into real miracles! Love my DecoArt stuff too ;)

Awesome job!

Big hug and wishes,
Claudia xxx

denthe said...

Wow, you did a wonderful job. I love how the colours really make it look wintery (if that's a word ...☺), and the way the stencils pop is gorgeous. Great remake!

Angela Radford said...

Brilliant transformation.
Good luck with the cards. Happy crafty week, Angela x

Karen Garrard said...

What a wonderful transformation Jackie! I love all that texture and snowflakes. Love the photos of Chum too, what a sweetie. Thanks so much for popping over to visit me., really appreciate your time. Have a beautiful Christmas with heaps of cheer! Karen.x

die amelie said...

Giggle...still have to laugh about Chum's face.

I wanted to pop by and thank you for the heartwarming comment on my blog (and the Mixed Media canvas)! Put a big, big smile on my face that won't go off til Christmas I suppose. :)))

Have a wonderful Christmas with your sisters and loved ones!

Big hug from Austria and wishes,
Claudia x

Moore or Less Cooking Food Blog said...

Wow Jackie! I love your sleigh! Just beautiful! So happy that you stopped by Moore or Less Cooking and we could meet! If you need any other recipe links, just let me know!! Merry Christmas <3 Nettie

Marilou said...

Merry Christmas Jackie!
Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments, Ha... I like cutsie and everything else in between, depends on what Im doing it for, lol
Love your sleigh makeover and liked it before, tee hee... as long as your havin' fun creating all is good, right?

Love ya girl and Hugs and Merry Wishes!' Marilou xoxo

aimarii said...

Merry Christmas.
What do you think where Santa lives?