Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Grungy, rusty and recycled

     Sorry for the delay between postings...much to do around here!
 We have been busy cutting, splitting and stacking wood for the winter as well as finishing up the deck ,planting spring bulbs and garlic, and just regular yard maintenance!

And now I'm back in the studio,so grab a cuppa...
Here we go with another picture heavy post- to show off all the fine details- ")

                               " Violet the Mime "

    First things first, yes, these are lids from baby wipe containers- and I would love to say that I came up this genius idea, actually my husband thought I might use these in my art somehow. He was right! Whenever he finds something he thinks I might use, and I usually do, he says- "steampunk"! thanks honey!

No photos here, but I started out with scuffing up the lids using sandpaper and then a coat of gesso 
Then came the fun part of squishing modeling paste through stencils- I added Paprika color to the paste here

 When dry, I painted Carbon Black and then more modeling paste with Burnt Umber 

It really is difficult to remember to pick up that camera in the throws of the artistic flurry!! heehee

 Next came the process of layer after layer of colors to produce the rusted effect- at this point I also added another layer of modeling paste with Seth Apter's Urban stencil.
                                              More color, more rusting...
Not shown here,but visible in other photos, I also added Bluegrass Green
While waiting for layers to dry,it was time to work on the recycled box.
 The box came with a ceramic Eiffel tower plaque that hangs in my studio. I saved the box , I just could not part with it, as I knew I would use it- and besides!! It came all the way from Paris!! Someone's souvenir that they no longer cherished! Score!

Notice it is on my lap- no room left on my table at this point! heehee

 Next, I painted the inside with black gesso, and then masked  around the opening to make it a bit tighter for the door.
 I then secured the door in the space with heavy duty glue- E 6ooo

 Here are photos of the layers as I built them up ,covering the tape and spreading out to some of the edges

Working on my pieces for the inside, I added layers to both the background graphic as well as "Violet" to give them height and dimension. I used thick double sided tape to attached them to the box,then glued the box closed.

  My last steps were to patina and attach a small Eiffel tower brass finding to the inside. I also painted a  wash of Muted Gold across the front of the box and then added the top shrine embellishment. On the sides and top, a wash of Bluegrass Green was added.
       German scrap foil was added to the bottom and "rusted"
Copper embossing powder to add a grungy,rusty effect,used on the top as well as touches of it on the textures below

My text was typed out on this way cool vintage typewriter- scored at a lawn sale this summer for $3.00!!! 

HERMES Rocket  Made in Zwitzerland  yup, that's what it says!

  Close ups here~my camera never really does a piece justice~

By the way, did I mention that I am now part of the DecoArt  Blogger Program? 
                              Stay tuned for upcoming posts!

DecoArt colors used:

 Thanks so much for stopping in-
much more to come,so, Don't touch that dial!
(A bit of trivia here about one of fav sayings~ for those of you too young to remember, that is what the announcer would say at the end of the Batman show, back in the 60's,and yes, I watched it every evening!)

See you back soon! 
Jackie ")

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Anonymous said...

You have so many interesting jobs going on that I am quite wordless.
Wonderful layers colors and very beautiful final.

I have that kind of typrewriter too, I have got it from my father a long time ago (now You think: good Heavens, how old she really is :-DDD) Well, I was very young when I've got that writer. My father have notice that I wanted to write. I learn to read 5-years old and I had very large imagination.
But now back to Paris: Yes, I have visited there, but You got Paris there and here and everywhere...Great!
Have a nice week, greetings, Uuna

Astrid Maclean said...

Brilliant piece of recycling Jackie, with totally fab results!! Great theme and fabulous paint effects!

Oh and I love the typewriter, what a wonderful find!!

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

You get the queen of rusty grunge crown! Doesn't sound like a compliment, teeheeee, but you know it is :-)

Karenliz Henderson said...

WOW love it. Never thought of using those. I do have a couple. Thanks for the inspiration!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

An amazing project ... I love all what you did here Jackie - thank you for sharing the progress..fantastic idea from your hubby... clever man..
and the typewriter is a hit as well!
Hugs Susi

Jo Murray said...

That's an inspired project. Of course, having a 'stash' of interesting objects is essential.

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

It's wonderful that your husband is actively supporting your art! I love that vintage, grungy look! The typewriter is a great find!

Ruth L said...

Wonderful altered present box from Paris, love the way you upcycled the tissue cover, and Violet, yeah, I just loved her, can imagine her at the streets of Paris. Dear BFF I just laughed when I saw that your old typewriter comes from Switzerland, hehe, my old typewriter original piece from NYC, such a small world isn't it?

Renee said...

Wow the texture on this is amazing! It almost looks like old leather. Love the typewriter.

die amelie said...

Inspiration at its very best, Jackie!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your piece and your husband's idea of using the lids of the baby wipes is just brilliant! And the alteration is so miraculous. One would never have guessed the humble origins of those heavenly grunged up lids!

Yep - you really deserve the "queen of rusty grunge" crown. lol

Thank you so much for this inspirational and awesome post!

Claudia x

Jessica Sporn said...

Awesome JPN! Well done. Love all that dimension and the reuse of the doors.

~*~Patty S said...

All around wonderful Jackie!
This turned out really great...
it is extra fun hearing and seeing what all went into it...
you and your Mr are a good team.
Nice score on that typewriter too.
Thanks for sharing

Felicia Aaron said...

Jackie, this is brilliant, genius! I am love with this project! You tell that husband that I love his "thinking outside the box!!" Wow, just stunning and I really like the theme of this whole thing! Something to be said about "keeping" things because there was a time designed in space for this project moment! Blessings!!

VickiRossArt said...

Jackie, this is fabulous! I don't think I would have ever thought of recycling those...what an imagination starter!

~*~Patty S said...

All around wonderful Jackie!
This turned out really great...
it is extra fun hearing and seeing what all went into it...
you and your Mr are a good team.
Nice score on that typewriter too.
Thanks for sharing

Tracey Fletcher King said...

I love the photo heavy posts because it shows all the stages that went into creating something like this... Wow ... Managing to keep it looking so good through so many stages is an art form all in itself and this is a fabulous result... Love it...xx

Bev said...

You are so inventive love your projects and I always adore the texture you get on your work .keep chopping wood it's good exercise lol

Julie Ann Lee said...

Jackie, you leave me speechless! I love everything about this wonderful project right down to that amazing typed sentiment! I looked and thought,'Now where did she get that great sentiment from?' at first! I might have known you'd be more original that to just use a stamp!!! Great, great, great work of art! I shall never look at Baby wipe box lids in the same way again! xxx

Sheri said...

The project is very cool and great upcycle project. thanks for playing in anything but a card.

Darlene Campbell said...

Ah Ha, I've always wanted a Hermes are very lucky to have found this for $3. The deco art colors are rich. So fun that Riley is involved..very inventive to use those lids like that.

johanna said...

this is super clever and so well done! thanks for all the steps. i will Bookmark it for further Inspiration.

Janet Ghio said...

A baby wipes lid!--what a great idea. And I love the rusted german gold scrap trim! Very cool.

Angela Radford said...

Great project Jackie, such lovely grungy effects. Now I'm off for another look. Happy crafting, Angela x

Fran McGuirt said...

Jackie, absolutely stunning. You inspire me always.

Kay Wallace said...

You may be the Queen of Recycling (or is Riley the King of Recycling?)! What a wonderful objet d'art, Jackie!! I have been holding off acquiring the new DecoArt paints, but you have just convinced me to go for it!! Mwah, my friend!

Darlene Campbell said...

Yes, you have heard the name Violet lately is Lynne's daughter...3 years hear me talk about her. Maybe she'll go to Paris one day.

necgmc said...

This is just simply amazing! So many layers of incredible texture. Found objects are just the best to work with! Thanks for joining us at Anything But A Card!

Corrine at said...

This came out fantastic. You could not tell that was plastic if you tried. Fab image and what you did with it! xox

Corrine at said...

This came out fantastic. You could not tell that was plastic if you tried. Fab image and what you did with it! xox

Julia S-W said...

What a wonderful rusty project! I just love how you built up the layers on the background and how you used the packaging! The little face is so amusing too! Green with envy over the typewriter!
Thanks for joining us at ATP Exchange.
PS You asked me to provide an email link for following my blog - there is one on the left hand side and it's been there for a couple of years! xx

toni said...

A fabulous project with a brilliant piece of recycling ! Love your rusted finish ! Thank you for joining in with the Artist Trading Post Exchange Any old iron challenge x

Nancy TeWinkel said...

What a cool idea! Your husband is really on to something here! Your creation is fabulous! Now I have to rummage through my drawers for the baby wipes that have dried up! New purpose!

Danie May said...

Such a wonderful reuse of the baby wipe lids and I love the grungy rusted look you have achieved for this piece. Beautifully Done!

butterfly said...

What a fantastic, whimsical, haunting creation. It's easy to see you had a ball with this one!
Alison xx