Sunday, October 5, 2014

         I have been inside my studio like a mad scientist!  
Working again freely with my right hand while the left is in it's own cast- Soon! I shall have both hands working as they used to with no pain! bwahahahaaaa!! (sorry too many Frankenstein movies as a kid!)
My stitches come out Monday and the right hand is healing very nicely-thank you all for your concerns-you make my heart smile")

Meanwhile, I have been able to finish up some lingering projects and play with a few others...
so here is a quick glimpse of a few things...more coming soon...
 Remember these leaves awhile ago that I was painting for a black and white post?

                    Well, I always said I am no good at black & white- 
                                         I need COLOR!
                             this gal is from my leftover paint....

  Not sure where  I was going with this, but it turned out fun anyways          My inspiration was a calendar by Erte`

     Yes, she is definitely on the manly side, but give a girl credit for trying! teeheehee                                           

                       And now for the garden's last bounty,         

                   Pumpkins-all sold out and gourds almost!!

                               We really had a great crop of minis this year!

                     Watch for my next post coming soon...
                          guess what I found?!!

              Thank you so  much for stopping !   Jackie ")


Janet Ghio said...

Wow! Look at all those gourds!!! I love gourds-so much variety and fun to sketch too. What happened to your wrist--I must have missed that post when we were on vacation.

Anonymous said...

How many fine pumpkings!! I've got only two, but they are rather big.

I watch Your idea of leaves...maybe I use it some time to our new challenge...Thank You :-)

Pallavi Iyer said...

The leaves look lovely.I say why go for black and white when you can go for wonderful colors.Hope your hand heals well and superfast.

Anonymous said...

Well glad your second surgery went well as the first no keeping you down...great sketches and painting leaves oh my lol

Bev said...

Why didn't my name show ummmm