Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rich colors and rusting the Past

        Wow- can you believe it is the 30th of October today?! 

                    Time flies-and Rust never sleeps...

Recently , I pulled out some  journals and decided it was time to fill in the unused pages-



 The first couple of steps consisted of tearing ,cutting and adhering clock faced paper with Decou-Page Matte sealer-I saved a few of the faces for later. I did some stamping on another sheet as well- The Muse of Future Past and Domino Shrine stamps are both from Lost Coast Designs
and the I Will Soar ,wing stamp, is Pam Carriker's

Next I applied a coat of Americana Muted Gold along with glazing medium-keeping the color heavy in some areas
 Now for my colors- all which were mixed with glazing medium.
White, Paynes gray, Phthalo Blue(Red shade) Quin,Magenta and Americana Dark Scarlet


Next I used modeling paste mixed with the Muted Gold along with
 stencils from Seth Apter- Urban from his new series and his Past Present Future

 After the paste had dried , I applied DecoArt Worn Penny using my finger to the raised areas of modeling paste, giving these areas a rusted look. At this point I also used the Dark Scarlet  along the right and bottom edges.
 Next, a wash of Quinacridone Nickle Azo Gold was applied to the page.
close up of textures and layers

Time to add my stamped images which I colored  using Distress Markers- apparently- I forgot photos!  As you can see in the photo above, I stamped 2 shrine arches,one lighter than the other and layered them off center. The muse was added on top of these. For the wings,which I added the clock face to; I decided painting them white would give a nice contrast to the overall page. 
And then to finish, I added some outlining and shading. 

  Truly the colors are much more rich in person, but after about 30 photos, I just picked the best of the lot! 

Thanks for your visit-and are you dressing up for Halloween?
bwaaaaaa hahhahaaaa! 
I am- i'm going as a cool art chick! teeheehee 

Jackie ")

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My muse is back and in full swing!

The D in the box is for my Mom. The box is an old jewelry box with clear top

My muse had taken a bit of time off after Stamford's Art Is You.
So,after some much needed rest, my muse and I are back in the studio!  
 Going nonstop,we are throwing paint and paper all over,finishing up projects,gifts and making new pieces! 
               Mostly we are just playing around and having fun!
If you have a few minutes, I have some pieces to share ")

     "Little Folks" shrine was inspired by an online class I took with Lesley Venable.
This photo reminds me of my Mom,Dolores and her sister Jean.
I think the hardest part for me was the auditioning...I started with so many pieces,till I found what worked just right.
My first shrine- and I loved making it!

The above piece I made for a friend,using some previously worked papers.

       And the sunshine piece was painted for another friend- 
                          I think this would make nice cards.

          My next canvas- and I think it is just the beginning of it, 
           was inspired by my recent class with Seth Apter
                         I just love these colors and textures!
Just wish I had gone larger with this one
        These two photos are of my completed canvas from
                       Jessica Sporn's class, The Sky's the Limit
                            can't you just feel that moon glow?
                                               I can-teehee!
                        I truly am pleased with my final canvas!

                                 And for my last share today...
This is a muslin bag that I tried my first attempt at photo transfer on- and failed! 
Not to be dismayed, I took the photo-my beautiful lady by Maxfield Parrish- and decided to adhere her to the bag with matte medium. For the framing of her, I used some really gorgeous National Geographic /Citrasolve papers that my dear friend Becky Wentworth sent to me. I used some of my favorites which remind me of Klimt. Again, I used matte medium to glue down all papers and seal it. Later, I went back with some gold paint to highlight a few areas and added another coat of sealer. 
The finished bag feels like a soft leather and flexes nicely ,with no cracking!     

Thanks so much for viewing today- I'll be back tomorrow with more and a step by step on another finished piece! Sending creative thoughts and wishes

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 ~ Art Is You ~ round 2

                                 Are you ready for round two?

just a peek

  As promised, here are a few pieces that I created,the pics are only snippets as they are WIP
           This first grouping is from Seth's class - yummy color!




                                   Next some snippets from Jessica's class
Some pulls from a Gelli plate
I have to tell you, this is my first time using a Gelli plate-and yes I was scared!teehee Everyone uses them and here I am in a class with one staring me straight in the face!
I rather like the warm orange and gold one to the right!
            I hope to have this canvas finished soon to share with you-
                                   so don't touch that dial!
Art in Progress
                              More art below after a few more pics!
                                                      Saturday- Day 4 

                                   The famous Art Trunk Show!
This is where Artists come from all over and bring their wonderful creations-everything-
metal-working,canvas,stamps,clothing,dolls,just to name a few and everyone can shop till they drop! Unfortunately,I dropped before I had a full shop-

 I finally got to meet my former design team partner and fabulous artist - Sarah " WonderStrumpet" Trumpp!
Sarah's creation- I had to have her!Yes,she is a she!

Jen Crossley and Seth were laughing it up so I had to take several shots to get it just right! this is a nice one!
                              I also did a bit of shopping here with Jen!
    Love her and her art! She is also very witty,ok, down right silly and fun!        

 I took Saturday off from classes so I could spend an afternoon with my hub!  While I shopped, Riley went to a deli nearby to get us lunch- delish! But after that I hit the wall and never made it back out of the room until later that evening...ohhh the things I could have bought!  "(

resting after a hard lunch! heehee

My friend Kay Wallace and I Saturday evening- I found out- she also took Saturday for a much needed rest!
                            Sunday - Day 5          
                                    Morning motivator with Rice,
              Art Is You coordinators and partners in crime- 
                      Ellen Legare and Sallianne McClelland
                   Lunchbreak with friends, Kay Wallace and Judy Shea!
                                             Love these gals!
My apron I created for Art Is You
Some treasures gathered from Art Is You- charms,cards,a stamp I won ~all Fun!

Sunday Day 5 Class
Gypsies,Tramps & Thieves 
with Andrea Matus DeMeng 
Andrea's art and style has always intrigued me, and so I was delighted to find her teaching at Art Is You.
Above are two of her many pieces she brought to share and for us to gain inspiration from- I love the depth and beauty she achieves with her designs.
A no nonsense class, we had demos and instruction and then music to create by- when the music stopped- time to move on to the next step!
Great playlist-btw!
Thank you Andrea for a fabulous class- I only wish I had  week to learn more!

The layers & colors Andrea uses-yum-just makes my head swoon!
     Here is my beginning collage  and some pieces for audition

After layers of paint and a few beginning pieces adhered

 This would be my final canvas- although I think there is more to be done with it- I had some thoughts on my ride home that I think might work well- stay tuned!

And now to my final piece of created art to share. This is the pin that I made in Kecia's class.
I really love how it turned out and have been wearing it proudly! 
Still might add a bit in the empty circle- or maybe not! We'll see!


Thanks so much for joining me again! I look forward to your thoughts! 
Jackie ")