Monday, August 11, 2014

The Artist within ")

                                         Another post already? 
   Why yes!- a friend of mine, Renee Zarate asked me if I would join her and other artists/writers by blogging a bit about myself and my creative process as an artist. So on Mondays, artists/writers sharing their stories through blogging has been showing up all over the globe-and we have had the opportunity to meet and learn about others we may never have otherwise! isn't the internet a wonderful place!!! 

   Renee and I came to meet by both being chosen for the Design Team for Artistcellar. It has been challenging as well as fun designing new projects each week for Artistcellar's blog as well as getting to know Renee and the other team members. 
 Renee-of Bolton House, who in my book is extremely talented and creative refers to her art as, eclectic, whimsical and quirky! I agree and will add, colorful and beautiful to the mix! Please stop by her blog, check out her art as well as the many techniques she shares!
   I am
truly flattered that Renee has invited me and I am happy to share with you a bit about Me- the artist!
        Let's get to it!
   For a bit of background, I grew up one of six children to two very creative parents. My Mom's forte' was cooking- she was an artist with her Sauerbraten and Meatloaf! My Dad, he could make anything out of nothing! This is definitely where I get my recycle, upcycle, and reuse from!! And to boot, Dad could draw, and paint and even embroider. So, I guess I was bound to inherit some creativity from either or from both! 


Upcycled Luggage-turned jewelry case

  The earliest I can remember creating was in the second grade. I remember this as I went to a new school half way into the school year and I was scared as could be! Sister David Agnes, tried to blend me in by asking what i liked to do and I said make art- so she gave us all an art project to do for that weekend. We had to create something with an animal as the theme. Well, my Dad got right to thinking of what to do and together we came up with making a fish out of paper and gluing him to a substrate(a leftover piece of plywood from Dad's stash) Dad helped me through the whole project...I painted the board dark blue, we drew a fish on a grocery bag , cut two pieces and I painted them red. Next, we stapled the fish all but one area and we stuffed him with cotton balls,pushing them in with a straw
,to give him dimension.When my fish was good and puffy, we stapled him closed and glued him to the board. Dad had already put a piece of hanging wire on the back for me. ") You are probably wondering how I remember this so well? I still have my fish and would have shared a photo, but he is in one of my bins in the pole barn under things we have not yet unpacked! 
   Stop by again in a few months- I'll have that fish posted! 
                      Okay... on to the questions at hand!
I painted this with acrylics when I was 14- copying the scene from a book.I also matted it myself as you can tell by the torn color from the sides
1.)What am I working on now?
Always, I have at least 3 or 4 WIP in my working area...I'll show a few bits here...


2.)How does my art/writing differ from others?
   I think all artists start out learning and copying from one another and go on to develop their own style. I think with my art, I tried to do as the others, and couldn't get it right , so out of that came ME! 

   As far as my art, it is all over the place as you can see from my examples...I truly am most fond of textures, layers, altered and mixed media art the most. 

    Sometimes my art is simple drawings and colored with pencils

and then other times-it's almost magical with loads of glitter and shimmer and bits and bobs! 
I guess there is no real way for me to describe my art style yet, as I think I am still discovering it myself!

3.) Why do I create what I do?

Well, this question is an easy answer- because it makes me happy and feeds my soul!

4.)How does my creative process work?
   Well, on any given day it will be different... but mostly, I like to go into my studio, and either put on some music, or if it is early enough just open the window to hear the birds with their morning songs... and I gaze about my studio, absorbing all of the inspiration there is in there. Then, I usually start pulling out mediums and paper, or substrates, and a pencil or marker and just let loose!


   Other times, I might have something well thought out and gather exactly what I need and end up using none of it! heeheee 

   Truly each time is different for me and it really is hard to pinpoint- I'll have to make a video someday- then we'll both know how I do it! ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
 For me, art has really opened up my world and has allowed me to feel free and let my creativity grow and be nurtured. Through blogging, I have discovered and learned from many very gifted and talented artists all around the world- many of whom I am able to call my friends.
  We share common bonds and goals and most times this is unspoken, but when we do get to speak- it's an even greater experience! 
  I truly believe everyone has a bit of creativity in them and they just need to tap into it- pull out the coloring book and crayons and see what happens!
Thank you so much for joining me and thank you Renee for inviting me along!
I would like to introduce you to my artist/illustrator dear friend Darlene Campbell. Darlene and I met via the Strathmore Online Workshops in 2011 and have become lifelong friends! We chat once a week(at least) and make each other laugh till we cry! I adore Darlene's illustrations as well as her writings- I'm sure you will also enjoy them- check her out here at Darlene-freeniebelle.

Darlene's post with her Q&A will be up on Monday- August 15th please make sure to visit- her- i'd love to hear what you think!

Jackie ")


Julie Ann Lee said...

I'm really excited because it looks like I'm the first to comment here! Jackie this is such a beautiful post! I feel that I know so much about your lovely, flourishing life now - the growing and the creating! Your glimpse of all your fabulous art work has just blown me away! I love the colours and the quirkiness - and the individuality of it! I know of Renee and her work is lovely too. I must now check out the work of your other friend! How lovely to laugh so much - the best medicine in the world! xxx

Janet Ghio said...

I really loved reading this Jackie! So interesting. Look forward to seeing that fish!! I have a few drawings that I made when I was in first grade colored intensly with crayons.

Becky W. said...

Oh my Jackie!!! What a wonderful post, I love seeing so many of your fabulous pieces that I have not seen before. Hearing your story and your process is delightful! You truly are gifted and have a wonderful, caring spirit as well! You are just beginning along this art journey, my friend and you have much more to share, I am sure of it! Now, go out and get your stuff in a gallery :-)

Corrine at said...

Love seeing all of your art and reading about your process and who you are. Love all your layers, internal and external. xox

Renee said...

I so enjoyed reading about your life and art journey! Thanks so much for sharing with us all your lovely art work. I can't wait to see the fish.
Hugs ~ Renee

Kirsten Reed said...

Enjoyed learning more about you Jackie! Would love to meet in person one day...and I look forward to seeing a post about the original Fish that started it all!

Stamping With Bibiana said...

Hello Jacquie: wonderful post! It was nice to get to know you a little bit better!!! I love the day of the dead cases and the harlequins too...I was invited on july 28th to do this same hop; If you want to check out mine is on my side bar...One of my taggees Darnell from DJKardKreations made a badge for "The Creative Blog Hop", so you can grab it and get it too! it is in my blog too!
It is fun how it has spread out, I have visited several blogs now and I see it around, this is so much fun, who know who started it!!
come by and check out mine on the 28th
hugs bibiana

Judy Shea said...

Fantastic to ready about you, my new friend. You art is so vast with creativity. I love that you can do so many things.. drawing is one that I don't practice enough on. Can't wait to meet you in October to seal out friendship.

Marilou said...

Wonderful work Jackie and I found your post to be fun and informative, full of talent! I love that you have some of your childhood art, can't wait to see your "fish" !
Great post girlfriend,
Hugs Marilou

Win Dinn said...

Love your story, Jackie, and am VERY much looking forward to the fishy photo when it gets unpacked! :D

Judy Dahl said...

Very interesting Jackie. Your work is outstanding.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

A wonderful Blog-Tour post dear Jackie...I enjoyed reading your story about creating with dad and I found and saw myself while reading this! Wonderful artwork !!!


Jo Murray said...

A fascinating post. Wonderful pieces too.

~*~Patty S said...

Such a great post you put together Jackie. First I read what you wrote and then went back to look closer at all of your lovely artwork.
It IS a very fine array of creativity...made extra sweet by creative and nurturing parents.
Thank you for sharing your passion.
I am very happy to be able to connect with you in blogland and look forward to lots more sharing and inspiration!

ann said...

Jackie it was wonderful reading your post so exciting reading about your life and seeing all the different style you do. Big hugs from your friend in OZ xoxoxo

Bev said...

Wonderful post and lovely selection of work my friend...cause I love your tortured Frida and the girl with the honey bee hair do I remember her and the little bird on th branch is darling...

Kay Wallace said...

I just enjoyed reading about the journey that got you to "here," where I know you! And, I love that we share the same friend--Renee! The fact that we will be having dinner at Art-Is-You in October just makes me so very happy! You are so very talented, Jackie, and in such diverse areas. I am happy to consider you a mentor!

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Loved learning more about you Jackie! Those questions have got my mind whirling about how i would answer them. And hey, I'm one of 6 kids too...:-)

Ruth L said...

Jackie, love your art, let it be a simple colored drawing or a fully textured rich piece, all your projects are so unique and it's fine to hear that the most important to you too is to make yourself feel good and happy with your own process and project. The best is that we could meet via the blogging world and we can inspire each other, xoxo Ruth

Marjie Kemper said...

A great read! Fun getting to know more about you, and I'm off to see Darlene now.

Darlene Campbell said...

Jackie, Did I know you have 5 siblings? And your dad sounds just how I worked with my children although that fish would've had glittered gills. You'd better get to storage now and find that have an anxious audience waiting for it! Love the Dia de los Muertos pieces. Never saw those before. And my first memories of us meeting were when you worked with lots of bib and bob and glittery details. I am proud to be your friend (I only have very talented friends. You are becoming quite the sensation with your layer and texture work!
It is apparent that creating art feeds your spirit and soul...and I'm fortunate to be a part of that journey with you. Cheers and Love,

Karenliz Henderson said...

Jackie, what a wonderful post. I love all your art and knowing it comes from your father and that fish is a wonderful inside to how your work. Where is the fish?? I can't wait to see it.

Annette said...

Oh I love this post my dear. Your art work, how you do. I think we all learn from each other and then our muse creeps out and shows off. Love seeing all of it and hearing about it. We are all art sistas and have such a great journey together and you make it fun. oxoxox

butterfly said...

What a fantastically inspiring and thought-provoking post, Jackie. Seeing your work all in a collection like this makes it all the more jaw-droppingly amazing... individual, colourful, full of life and creativity and drama. Wonderful to read some more about you and your process too... thank you.
Alison xx

Karla B said...

Love your art, my friend!You've got fairy's hands. Everything you touch becomes magical!

johanna said...

a wonderful post about you and your art, Jackie! one of my faves is Halloween and your pieces therefore are just excellent! love the variety in your work, a joy to see all this. thanks for sharing!!