Sunday, August 10, 2014

My summer vacation...

Okay, so this is really not about my summer vacation, but it is about my summer! It has been a really busy time and therefore not much time for the art play!
and some of you wanted to know about the girls, so i thought while I'm writing,I'd give you the low-down-the whole story....not just the girls!
Hold on to your pants-this is long winded and picture heavy! 
   Just a bit of background ...Last June, we bought 13 acres with an old single wide,a pond and pole barn. At first we thought we would renovate the trailer, but as we looked further into its recesses- - not this time- too much work! 

   See that addition on the second photo? Riley and I had to take that off and get rid of it in one day before the mover would take the trailer...It was built with 6x6's- yeah- we were dead afterward.... 

    We sold that trailer for $1 and had the buyer come move it from the property.  
         Then,we bought and had delivered a new single wide! 
                                                 ahhh done!

 back to this summer... hubby, Riley, loves to garden and it has always been his dream to have a small hobby farm and grow lots and lots of veggies to sell  on a stand....
                      that brings us to the following photos...

                                              Scraping & tilling
                                    seeding and seedlings planted

                                             look at it grow! 
Pumpkins- all pumpkins!

      Now comes plucking weeds and more weeds from the strawberries, tomatos, potatos, squash ,well, you get it!
We have snow peas, beans coming out the ears.. did I mention corn too?...picking, blanching and putting up as fast as I can-

Yummy Watermelon!!

Sugar Snap Peas- delish!
a whole section devoted to every kind of gourd!!
                         Fresh picked- squash & zucchini .... 
                 Yikes- need to basket more up for the neighbors-
  and then there's the corn- coming in...Riley's little blanching stand outside- where it 's cooler and close for the picking!
I did mention corn- right? heehee
            planted every couple of weeks for continuous picking!
                              and boy is it ever sweet!! Yum!

  Our little farmstand is yet to be made- Riley likes to do it right the first time- he has an idea and I just go with it! He is really creative and talented ...
this is what he will use
I'll show pictures when it is completed-next year! 
Meantime, we have a one room Kamp that we built from scratch- by we, I mean hub and I.

Well, because it is up North and we had the winter from hell this year- trees down all over- not on the Kamp- thank you mother nature! and the Elm disease got most of what the ice storm did not...

 we were up there for awhile, cutting and moving and stacking and mowing and well...
                                     lets go back home...
beautiful Emily!
Our rooster,Logan, has found his voice and he starts crowing around 5:00 am
and continually through the day!heehee
 The girls are doing their duty and laying beautiful organic eggs for us! Not sure if they are all on board yet, but we are getting about three a day!  Such good girls! I love them!!
did I say we decided to arrange the back area around the deck?

Yup, removing old fence, pulling brush and non essential shrubs and trees ( some trees will be replaced) thank goodness for the tractor! 
 looks like the old dock will have to wait till next summer.
                and we needed a walk way patio around the hottub... 
 so,back up to Kamp to bring home all of the pavers that we used in front of the trailer- did I forget to mention that we went back up and the next day and brought the trailer home for an overhaul? 
                                                We did.
back to the homestead... 
                        did you happen to see that pile of logs?
still need to cut,split and stack for winter....
While we were working in the back,we also decided to edge my flowers with old bricks we found out back
                                       are you tired yet? 
                            Chum is exhausted...
Chum has even taken to walking himself!
flower shots from my garden..This lily is about 5ft tall and has the most wonderful fragrance i have ever smelled from a flower!

Oh, almost forget the first of the upcoming garage sales...
I think in an earlier post, I referred to my hub and I being collectors of sorts? teeheehee 
 well, time to weed it out, get rid of the big things and get selling online...more on that soon.
 Don't get me wrong, we did have fun and hit the beach with the dog a few days here and there...
 and went to a strawberry festival,and field days~
I even went on a spinny ride with my granddaughter Riley! 
 Then on the fourth of July we had all the grands and their parents over for a fun filled day into the evening...

                                   everybody got into the fun that day!
Calem is loosing his trousers! heeheee
               Even Poppa Riley played with sparklers! heehee
   but it has been a busy summer and therefore not as much art to show for it...
                   wait...I did start this...notice a theme here?
             yup,at least Chum has managed to get some art time in-

Stick around...I'm heading into the studio today- who knows what might come of it!

Thanks for hanging in there- hope you enjoyed it! 


Becky W. said...

WOW Jackie, thanks for sharing you and your hubby must have time energy to do all of that work and must love the land! Who Reeps the benefit of all those wonderful veggies? Without a stand you must be giving lots of it to happy people! So is your Kamp for visitors? And is that where you lived before you got your Doublewide? Also is your studio located in the pole barn? Great job on this post, loved seeing all of the fabulous photos, especially the ones of the "girls "and of Chum holding the leash ha ha too funny! Hugs, Becky

Bozena Wojtaszek said...

Wow! just let me know if you ever need any guests for such a summer :)

And the sketch of carrots looks promising !

Denise J. Phillips said...

What a Wonderful Home Jackie! And your garden is Fabulous! What healthy veg's you've harvested! Chum looks wonderful and happy too :) Have a great rest of the Summer :)

Bev said...

We'll I just got up read your fabulous post now I'm going back to bed because I'm exhausted lol you wore me out ,ok so what do you eat for breakfast and where do you hang your cape lol you are both super heros ....thanks for sharing loved it all xox

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow! Jackie, this is such an amazing, beautiful and exciting post! I love it! Where do you find all that energy and your joy in living just pulsates from the pictures and text?! You must be a pretty extraordinary lady! I loved reading this post. It made me feel so alive. I've been a little bit under the weather with a severe migraine for a few days, but your post has been one of the first things that has lifted my spirits! Thank you for your energy, creativity and friendship! xxxx

ann said...

Jackie what an exciting post and what a wonderful life you both have. Hard work but so rewarding. I love all the healthy food it must be wonderful to pick your own vegetables then head into the kitchen and cook....*Sigh* As you know I live on the Gold Coast in a unit so have to buy everything but it is just as well cause I don't have a green thumb so no success with growing anything. Any way my friend love the photos and yes I can see you dancing around in the moon light :)
Big hugs Ann xoxoxo

Darlene Campbell said...

The best part of this spread is Chum. Loved him in that pool and taking himself on a walk. And he got some art work done. Whew! Lots of work...which needs to be hired done. You two are pioneers! The sketch of carrots looks more food sketches. ADORE the picket fence and I need a start of that lily. I'll take that rocker with the red velvet would be a hoot to come up and shop in your garage. ha ha

butterfly said...

What an amazing place to live... and how hard you've all worked to create a fantastic homestead... Thank you so much for sharing all these amazing photos. I scrolled through with the biggest grin on my face, as the whole thing just made me so happy for you!
Alison xx

~*~Patty S said...

WOWEE what a fun post!
You and your husband are so very talented and energetic...
that you find time to create art too is remarkable.
Living the dream comes to mind...
thank you for sharing your sweet (and yummy!)life with us!