Friday, August 22, 2014

     Hello Friday viewers!
I'd like to say I have tons of photos for you, but - I don't!

The reason for this is because, ever since I opened my Inktense Blocks from Artistcellar- I have been all over with them! I get started sketching and painting- and totally flake about taking photos!   A true artist at work??   ")

I have challenged myself by using the blocks to draw and paint with, and not using pencil and eraser- and it has really been rewarding for me!   
As with last weeks post, I have been creating with the Derwent Inktense Blocks - inspired by my  favorite  artists- 
This week is Frida Kahlo-  who is truly, one of the most-talented artists and courageous women I have ever learned aboutfollow the link if you are curious for more 

This first photo is the beginning of my Frida- I was goofing around on a piece of cardstock , hence the fold in the center "(             
As I ran out of paper, I then added her to my journal-

A few things I discovered while using the Inktense:
1.) the little smudger sticks work great along side the blocks, both for blending and for removing color
2.) gesso is great for an undercoat as it allows color to be removed when necessary 
3.) babywipes work great for removing Inktense color!

This second photo is my finished version after I glued the cardstock down. I also added more color as well as some stamping to the outside of the page and added flowers to Frida's hair-

I did spray the whole piece with a matte sealer so the Inktense would not rub off, and in case you already noticed, yes, I did cheat and add gold paint to the picture for Frida's earrings!

These next two photos are beginnings of another Frida journal spread  i am working on.... with, you guessed it! Inktense Blocks!

I would encourage you to step out of that comfort zone and give something that "scares" you a try- just make it - Art related please!

I am linking up to Art Journal Journey 

 I do love your comments and read every one- and always try to reply ") Jackie


Renee said...

Now you have me wanting to create some Frida stuff!!! Very cool, I'm breaking out the Inktense immediately. Thanks for the inspiration.

Janet Ghio said...

You know how I love Frida! Can't wait to see the second one. The first is great!

Corrine at said...

Wow, am amazing Frida there. You are having fun. Keep it up. xox

johanna said...

wonderful frida-art, Jackie! and now i long for getting these inktense blocks, too... seems to be really good stuff!

Carmen Whitehead said...

I love this Jackie! Wonderful Frida!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your Frida is so amazingly beautiful Jackie!
love what you made!♥♥♥
So happy that you join us once again!

Ruth L said...

Jackie, perfect Frida, loved her a lot, I've never tried inktense blocks either, but I will now sure!

Win Dinn said...

Love that Frida, Jackie - and I'm in complete agreement about trying something that scares you!

~*~Patty S said...

Looks like you are having fun with those Inktense Blocks creating that original Frida...great how you framed her onto your page too!
Happy beginning of the weekend.

Glenda Hoagland said...

Excellent post Jackie. I love your work and courage.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh, I love Inktense! Thank you for all these great tips! Frida Kahlo is one of my all time favourite artists! I love your beautiful, vibrant picture. xxx

Bev said...

Gorgeousness work and serendipity how it all came together ,I too love my Inktense play keep playing...

Nancy TeWinkel said...

Nothing Like a little Frida to inspire ones day:) I have no clue how to use the blocks. Maybe you could do a tutorial on how to use them??

Martice Smith II said...

I love your drawing/painting!!! Wow, such a terrific, ethnic vibe you've captured. I haven't tried Inktense blocks before- I just have the pencils. The border around Frida's face is exquisite! Great job, Jackie :)

denthe said...

This is such a beautiful page. Love how you did the border around her face. great work!

Annette said...

Hi girl, well Frida would be proud of you I must say. I don't have any of the Inktense, hummm a buying trip possibly. Anxious to see your next piece. Always a treat to see what you have created. xoxo

Sherry Matthews said...

Looks great! I haven't played with inktense before.... might just have to try ! Love your Frida art!