Friday, July 11, 2014

The matter of Heart

    Wow another Friday already! So glad you came to visit...
For this weeks Artistcellar's post, I pulled out a canvas to play on. 

If you would like to grab a cuppa, I'll walk you through my art...

After gessoing the canvas,the first layers of color were added-

 Dina Wakley's ~Turquoise and Art Anthology's Sorbet~June Bud

Next came Art Anthology's~June Bud with some modeling paste to move through Lynn K.'s Tracks from her new Marked Series.

                                        This was applied to all four sides. 
For more interest, I used a Lego*to stamp dots in the modeling paste while still wet.

 When all was dry, I sanded down any high spots and started adding layers of color washes to the top and sides~ 
Golden Quinacrodone nickle Azo Gold,  and 
Luminarte Silks ~Golden Monarch and Persimmon.
Also, I bubbled some dots(using bubble wrap) around the outside of the canvas using Luminarte Silks Teal Zircon 

                                       Now to the matter of heart. 

Here, I used Luminarte Silks Carmen mixed with Liquitex Pouring Medium to build up the heart. I let the mixture sort of flow into it's space to give it some of its own character.
Next I added and removed textures along the base and outside edges. 
(no photos? Guess I was too into what I was doing- oops!!)

Then came final coats of Carmen and Persimmon- I used Luminarte Silks for the transparency they allow and mostly for the rich colors they bring. I wiped away areas with a baby wipe to expose the layers underneath and when all was good and dry , I added my final layer, a overall coat of Golden Gloss Polymer Medium.

                                Reminds me of a candy apple!
           As always thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying this summer!  And to my friends in others parts of this beautiful world, hope your fall or winter are just as enjoyable! 
Jackie ")

* The Lego I referred to earlier- belongs to my son- who is now 30!   I think he will get a kick out of how I used it!


donna said...

It really does look like a candy apple,turned out really nice .

Ruth L said...

Jackie such a beautiful pile of textures and layers, I loved the way you mixed the mediums and the paints, it has a unique result!

Renee said...

Gorgeous rich colors! I love what you did on the edges of the canvas, so many cool things to look at.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Yum! This really does look like a candy apple, but nicer actually because it won't harm your teeth! I love the warm colours and those nice chunky sides with all that texture! I also very much like the shape of that heart, lovely and folksy! A beautiful canvas with a great use of stencils - ooh fab use of Lego too! Julie Ann xxx

Nancy TeWinkel said...

Lovely process, beautiful colors and excellent repurposing of the legos! Yummy indeed!

~*~Patty S said...

I salute your use of found materials extra fun...
it is good of you to take us through your creative steps with photos as I know that can be challenging when you are in the throws of making!
Your canvas is a treasure so rich and layered!

Marilou said...

Fun with the Legos jackie! Nice colors!
Hugs Marilou

Corrine at said...

Great idea to use the lego. Tools are where we find them. It gives so much personality to the edge of your canvas. xox

Astrid Maclean said...

Gorgeous makes, thanks for the walk through!

Bev said...

Good morning munchkin got my cuppa Saturday morning sitting in the sun and what a treat to find I love that huge heart and yep makes me want a toffee apple so called Downunder lol enjoy your holiday weekend...clever using Lego too...

Darlene Campbell said...

That last photo does look like candy apple. I almost forgot to visit you busy!
I especially like the treatment on the sides of this canvas...fantastic idea that pulls it all together for me.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

fabulous .. this looks very yummie indeed like a candy apple !
Happy weekend!

Annette said...

Hi Mz. Jackie, finally getting to catch up on some of my favorite blogs. Really like the textures and Legos? love that recycle trick. I haven't tried some of the products you mentioned and good to know, also good excuse to shop. lol Hugs and off to a quick email to ya xoxoxoxox

denthe said...

Great result! I love how you used that tracks-stencil, and using that Lego to stamp dots is a great idea. Love the strong colours too!