Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Art in the yard

      Yes, it's true...I have been lax in posting here on my blog...
Reasons being:
1.Working outside in the gardens and yard with my hubby
2. Working up at our Kamp- cleaning up from last winter's ice storm- blog post soon....
3.It feels like summer and that makes it hard to stay indoors! 
4. oh, I'm sure there's more, but on with today's post...

    Have I been painting? Yes, not in the studio, but out in the yard!  
                         The Girls coop got a makeover !
    When we moved here last year little shed out back was this nasty olive green.
      Hub reworked the inside of the shed- with found pieces from Craig'sList and roadside treasures! GO GREEN!
Inside the shed-the coop is through the door 

step plank to the play yard
     I love this trap door- for the Girls to go in and out to the yard and it has a pull rope that we can work from inside the shed
Nesting boxes scored from Craigslist-seen through viewing picture window
     After hub renovated the inside of the shed into the Girls new home, it was decided a bit of an outdoor makeover was needed too!

   We went back and forth on paint colors, because I really did not want to go traditional farm colors. But the other color samples I put on the shed just were not doing it for us! I really was attracted to the inside red walls hub used for building- we got these from a  Mr.Seconds that was going out of business, great already painted construction grade outdoor plywood sheets-5 bucks each! Score!
    So the perfect RED search was on- just the right red needed for POP but not POW! Well, HAUTE RED is the color and we got both the POP and the POW- but it really works for us! 
As seen from across the small garden
                                     Now for the close-ups

ugly green- pretty new red
the outdoor yard has plenty of shaded area as well as roosting branches and ladder

     I went to my stash of yard junk and painted some pieces up gloss white for decor and went with gloss black on the outdoor bench- looks more modern to us.  I still have one more thing to paint on the left wall- will show when done. I planted Morning Glory seeds in bright purple and blue under that white trellis.You can just see the tops popping.
                                 And what do the Girls think...
Our outside entry
The brown girl is Emmie-she is soo beautiful! but they all are!
Logan- the Rooster
Remi- she likes me to hold her the best!

Photo Bomb!!
This is my best side! 

Just one more-I think this is really my best side!

     From what I can tell- the Girls love their digs!! Recently, hub has put 2 old tractor seats from his stash in the play yard and the Girls sit on them two at a time! it's so stinkin cute! I will try and get a photo; although it's harder now because when we come out they run to the gate, hoping for some free range time or for watermelon rinds!! Funny Girls!!

    Thanks for joining me today- hope you got a giggle or an awe, aren't they sweet!  ") Jackie

isn't she sweet!-the chicken that is!  

                                                (oh yeah,-early morning and only first cuppa!)


Bindu said...

Jackie, your girls are sooo cute. Love them all. I love to see you posting more often though. Beautiful life.

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

That is a pretty spectacular makeover...I bet the chicks are in love with their new digs...I could live in there. Time for an art studio with funky junk finds...maybe an addition to the coop LOL

We have to make a duck house for our girls, Lucky and the rabbits to share. when I finish digging the piles of brush away that is.....xox

ann said...

Oh Jackie love the girls newly painted house and a big WOW to the decor.... very spoilt :)

Bev said...

Omg you are such a good mum lol now they are going to lay more eggs for sure ,they will think they are princesses in their new red house ....it's perfect....

Denise J. Phillips said...

What a palace for those girls! Big congrats, it turned out fabulous and what an accomplishment with all that work! Looks wonderful!

denthe said...

No wonder they love their new home, it's gorgeous. Love the strong color and how you did the inside. Great work!

denthe said...

Also, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog ♥

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh, that red is just the right shade! Lucky girls! They look happy and who wouldn't be with such a cheery but tasteful digs? Lovely! Julie Ann xxx