Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

  Today is Mother's Day and I find myself recalling memories of my childhood as well as adulthood; of times shared with my Mom and so many missed opportunities.
      My Mom passed away 13 years next month- way too soon at a very young 69. 
Mom and I had plans for my trip down to visit her in Myrtle Beach that year. This would be my first visit to her home there and Mom was so excited, she had all kinds of plans for us! Yup, even going to a baseball game of which , I was not and am not a fan- but told her I was so excited anyways! I had painted this watercolor for Mom,and had it framed. I was going to take it to her as a surprise!
My painting hangs in my studio where I can look upon it and reflect my Mom's love-

 My flight was scheduled for Tuesday, and on Monday afternoon my sister Jeanne called and said Mom was in the hospital and it was not good. Mom had been swimming at the community pool when she felt dizzy and was starting to loose feeling of her limbs- she was having a stroke. Upon arriving at the hospital, they immediately started treating Mom for a heart attack and really never looked into the possibility of a stroke. They actually never did a CT scan till the following day. Given the fact that this was overlooked Mom quickly started to fail as sufficient oxygen was not making it to her brain. I could not get there any sooner than my original flight and when I did arrive- Mom had succumbed to the coma . I only once got a squeeze of her hand when I leaned close and kissed her and told her how much I loved her.  I know she heard me and I know she already knew how much I loved her -  I wish I had gone sooner-
                        I miss my Mom terribly everyday, but today is always the hardest.

  Being a  Mom myself, I know the importance of my children's love and our times spent together. 
My kids are grown and living miles away but we talk almost every other day and visit once a year if not more.
   Life truly is short and we never know how long we are here for- my words of wisdom are- make those opportunities happen, take those chances- and above all else- spend time with those you love- whenever you can! Show your children all the love you can and in turn they will for their children- of this I am sure.

                     Sending out my best wishes for all who are Moms -in life and in spirit!
                                I hope your day is filled with sunshine and love ")


Karenliz Henderson said...

Jackie, Happy Mother's Day. I completely understand. Both my parents died in 2004. My mother was an artist and would have been my biggest fan. Today I miss her so much. I live in CT but my daughter lives in Chicago. My day won't be complete until I receive her phone call! Have a great day!

Renee said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. I have had that happen twice, just a few hours too late. I know your mom would've loved your painting. Have a wonderful Mother's day!

Julie Ann Lee said...

I too cried at your post, Jackie. My darling Mother-in-law left us way too soon. I adored her and she helped me so much with both our children. She had what is known as a 'quiet' heart attack and passed quickly and unexpectedly. I still think of things I would love to say to her. Your words are so true. Life is precious and we must show our dear ones that we love them while we can. Hope your day was lovely. Julie Ann xxx

Bev said...

Darling Jackie what a sad story to be so close yet be so far ,that was indeed a cruel twist of fate ,I'm so glad you got to hold her hand and of course she knew you were there as mothers we know that....your painting is lovely and I'm sure she would have hung it with pride....I feel your sadness in your words ,you know my mums gone too I did have her till 81.....a life without our mums is like a piece of the puzzle is missing....
Much love Bev xoxo

Corrine at said...

It's so hard to lose our Mom's no matter what the circumstances. And you are right, one day, each day, make the most of it. xox

Marjie Kemper said...

This is so moving, Jackie, and truer words were never spoken. I'm missing my mom even more this time of year than usual, too. I'm glad you hung your painting in your studio!