Friday, May 16, 2014

Map Art Series -reclaimed Journal cover

  Another exciting new stencils release at Artistcellar! 

I  do hope you had a chance to hop the blogs for a chance to win a set of   Jill K. Berry's Map Art Series stencils!!                                                                          
 Check out below how I played with them this week!
From the beginning...
I started with a previously made watercolor background I had in one of my journals .Next out came the new stencils by Jill K. Berry- I used Global Compass Rose and Sunny Compass Rose. And to those stencils I pounced in delishous (sic)one of my own words here!) color with my yummy Silks! They are so creamy and full of shinyness! (geesh, you'd think I did not know how to spell!)teehee 

Silks colors used  were Spicy Tomato, Solar Gold, Carmen, Teal Zircon,Persimmon,Stargazer and Sunflower
I just had to use the Immaculate stencil also- it was calling to me, so I added some rays of sunshine here...   
                       and the Immaculate Heart & Rose in the center,there!
              Even more roses! Then I pounced the mini rose in the center of each of the four compasses.To finish off my design I also used the mini flower radiating out from the center on four sides.
    Then came the gluing down of my "canvas" to the reclaimed journal, which I had previous prepped by sanding and applying gesso.A trick here is to dampen/spritz(not soak))the back of the watercolor paper to give flexibility for adhering the paper-then apply your choice of medium for gluing.
I bought this journal at a yard sale for a song!  Sturdy pages and the lovely ribbon tie are what sold me!
             Held in place and left to cure over night...DSCN9307 
 Here is my cover! I love the versatility of Jill's stencils. As you can see from my cover, I used several elements from  Jill K. Berry's Map Art Series Stencils to achieve this look! 
Turned out rather lovely if I may say so! 
(as she pats herself on her back!)

                            I added an extra goody to share...
     I like to save all of my cut scraps from previous pieces, so this is a journal page created from some of those pieces.Here I used the Sunny Compass with Fleur de lis Stencil with some modeling paste. And for the color I washed the page with Luminarte Silks Pink Azalea . Then added the Pink Azalea to the compass also with a dry brush and then used the Viva Inka Gold to add a nice shine.

 I do hope you came away with some new ideas or maybe some inspiration!  ")


Ruth L said...

It's so beautiful Jackie, I was also beginning with a new journal cover, yours is so inspirational!

Renee said...

Wow!!! It is gorgeous, love the colors you used.

JackieP Neal said...

Ruth and Renee- thank you so much! So glad you like my journal! I am really pleased with how it turned out! ")

Bev said...

The colours are devine and the design has a spiritual look to it yet map like ,ummm very unusual effect Jackie well thought out took the stencil design to a new level ,clever girl.....
Luv Fuzz

Darlene Campbell said...

Hey you...I did come away with something new. I didn't know about spritzing the back of watercolor paper before adhering it to substrate. I LOVE that book you found lovely now with your new cover. I could try this idea with the black hardbound sketchbooks I have. Sorry I wasn't here full of guests.

Julie Ann Lee said...

What lovely radiant effects you have achieved with the water-colour backgrounds and the stencils. This is a truly beautiful cover. Julie Ann xxx

Electra said...


Judi Easley said...

Glorious! It glows! Your step-by-step was helpful to know how you got the effect, too. Wetting the back to soften the paper and help it adhere to the substrate, that I hadn't heard before...thanks for that tip! You've created a treasure! Or maybe a treasure fill it with gems!
Judi at Blue Cat Review

Karla B said...

Wow wow wow Jackie!Marvellous!

Corrine at said...

Wow this is gorgeous. Love all that texture you managed to create. xox