Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Getting messy

    I have been in a mood as of late- I think I will blame it on the up and down weather! 
So, yesterday, I sat down in my studio and made quite a mess...
but I created alot of cool art,in my own personal opinion that is! teeheehee...

 I embossed this metal piece and used it to make the two pieces below~sort of like the gelli plate method-but without the gelli plate!

and here, I had a some junk weighing heavy on my heart and mind and after some hard core journaling, It's...

Today is a brand new day and the sun...well, it was shining two minutes ago! heehee   I'm out to check on the girls,
                                       and then back to the studio! 

                                     Hope your day is filled with color!
  One last thing, if you have the time- please stop over to
#bringbackourgirls auction. 
 There are enormously beautiful pieces of art donated by wonderful artists- if you can't buy, please feel free to tweet, post or write about it! Share the love! ")


Bev said...

Well what great patterns you came up with hope you also photocopy them for collage ....hello girls hehe....yep journal all that bad crap out that's the way the red poppies all in a row ...enjoy the rest of your week in sunshine and paint lol

The. fuzz xox

Julie Ann Lee said...

Isn't Art just the best way to chase the bad mood blues away? I love those patterns you came up with - full of emotion! Sadly I have no money to buy art for the campaign to bring back the Nigerian girls; but I will stop by and offer my support. Have a great weekend. Julie Ann xxx