Monday, May 12, 2014


 Bring Back Our Girls

  This Thursday, May 15th, it will be one month since close to  300 Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped from their dormitory. Why? Because these  girls believe in eduction. While is is said that 53 have escaped, 276 girls still remain captive- and are rumored to have been sold into slavery.  

  It is unfathomable for me to even try to understand the pain and anguish of these girls or the heartbreak of the mothers and their families.

 Thanks to social media- the world is finally taking notice .

Jessica Sporn has put out a call to the art world, 

                for  "A CALL TO ART".

 Won't you please join us in doing what we can as a giving and caring community- whether by donating art, bidding on or buying Art or even posting on your blog or tweeting , facebook, ect. 


              Check out all the details here:

 A quick recap---

When:    May 15th at 7AM EDT, and ends on May 17 at 3PM EDT

Where:     32

All proceeds will be going to  Girls Rising



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Bev said...

Oh I'm behind this 100% and I see you are doing so much to support the cause , let's hope and pray these girls are returned safely to their families ....