Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chickie chick update and new SPA

First up is my SPA entry for this week- Sunday Postcard Art.
        The theme for this week~Windows~
   There was a whole other thought for this theme, but my muse stepped in and took hold. I think the card speaks for itself...

Products used for this card:
the eyes stamp by Lynne Perella
Woman Collage stamp by Hampton Art (bought at JoAnnes)
 Adirondack/Tim Holtz Distress Inks- Spiced Marmalade, Black Soot, Vintage Photo
Masonite window frame from RetroArt Cafe' Gallery
Garden Gate stamp in background(?)
and did you notice the hint of Stickles ?

Now on to my Chickie update...
  The girls are all growing so quick and they can fly up already! Because of this we had to move them into deeper quarters and add chicken(heehee) wire over the top. 
Yeah! Clean papers and that means food is a-coming!

Last one in is a rotten egg! Ack! Who said that!

Oh! Momma is singing...listen!-the girls love it when I sing to them! heehee
 See how they respond to my voice? They are so sweet and will eat out of my hand well as jump up onto my hand or arm, till the next one wants in and scooches the first off!
Emmi is my favorite- she has such a very calm way about her
   All of the chicks are just beautiful! Each is coming into their feathers now and some I can tell apart.Not everyone has a name yet...but eventually! The rooster, (no close-up here) his name is Logan- after our grandson who is now 8, but ever since he was 5 has wanted a rooster for a pet- so we thought it fitting that he should have a namesake! 
 Logan is so proud,he just struts around!The grandson that is! heehee
These are the three guinea hens- Blinkin, Linkin ,and Park
   These gals are really skiddish as they are the ones who warn of predators and danger. They were so skiddish we had to move them into their own space because they were getting the others feathers all a fluster!
My side profile is my best!
        How can you not love this face!?!!! I ask you! Adorable I say, simply adorable! This gal refuses to roost on the bar Hubbie put in for them...No, she has to be on top of the food!  Too cute!
                                     Better to see me- she says!


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

I love your collage, Jackie! I love to do rubberstamping too and I like to use the Distress inks as well! I also love seeing the photos of your chickies! Very sweet!


Janet Ghio said...

I love all your carrying on about the baby chicks!! Particularly those last two photos. I want to come and play.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Beautiful collage and delightful chicks! Julie Ann xx

Bev said...

Your artwork is wonderful but the chicks steal the show lol what little characters they are ,you are now officially The Chicken Lady lol know I am going to see picks of them following you around the yard soon lol
Hugz Bev

JackieP Neal said...

thank you ladies for stopping by to visit! If any of you are in egg (that was supposed to be stone) throwing distance- we'll have plenty of organic eggs in about a month or two! Happy Wednesday!

johanna said...

wonderful postcard, jackie... and your guineas are so cute!!

Audrey said...

Thank you jacky for your sweet words and your beautiful card!

Bren Haas said...

your little chicks are super cute!!!

Marilou said...

I just love your postcard art Jackie, how fun!
Now I have to say the chickees are so much fun, how do you ever get anything done? Wonderul post. and I have to agree with Bev, your now the Chicken Lady,naa... how about "cool chickee artist" , lol
Love ya lady, chat atcha later!
Hugs Marilou

Electra said...

It took me a while to get here, but I want to say how magical I think your postcard is!!

Darlene Campbell said...

I love that little guy in the last photo. I hope you are sketching them. Would make a cute greeting card.
So Tim Holtz makes a distress ink called SOOT? I'm in. You HAVE to stop tempting me with all of these products. Dear goodness I thought I already had every art supply!
Bev is're the chicken lady. Organic eggs from your back yard. Perfect set up!
Love the eyes to the soul piece.

Deann said...

I don't know how you have time for art it looks like you have your hands full with chicks.
Your window collage is just wonderful...well done.