Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Better late than never~ Steampunkery~

     This is a late post for  Sunday Postcard Art  
   the theme  is " Steampunkery "

     This postcard was actually due last week, but as it so often does, life got in the way!
   I had already gathered together all the different pieces and elements that I thought I might use; so, I sat down the yesterday morning and went to cutting and-a pasting!  
            I will say, I rather like how my postcard turned out ")
             Here is a close-up..
     Since this postcard cannot be used for mailing, (too many elements sticking out) the next thing I think I might do is add this to a framed box and add more steampunkery fun !...will show more pictures when I finish with my ideas! 
 off to bed now...and more art to share in the morning!


Darlene Campbell said...

This is wonderful! Yes, you definitely need to keep this going in a framed box. Look forward to seeing how it evolves.

JackieP Neal said...

thank you Darlene! I will be sure to post pictures!