Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"And I said... Fly on my sweet angel..."

    The title of my post is a quote from a song by the late and great Jimi Hendricks. A tragic loss of such a young, extraordinary talent. No one can still compare to his guitar riffs, at least in my songbook!
  Jimi's song "Angel" inspired my postcard for this weeks challenge on Sunday Postcard Art.
     When I first saw the theme for the challenge I was so excited !              I Love Music! Almost as much as I Love Art!  and there is always a song in my head or on my lips- many a times to others chagrin! heehee   Hey, I never said I could sing ~just that I like too!!
   As I went through a few ideas in my head for this challenge , my thoughts went back to one of the first art journaling spreads I created.
     This is a page I had done during my first ever online workshop,    with Strathmore Visual Art Journaling Series(2010)
       (I have a whole post on this to share someday)
    I felt good about my first attempt at a real face ~Jimi ~ even though he was cut from another sketchpad that was the wrong paper and weight for watercolors which made for wrinkles and fuzzies where they were not desired! - Oh, and then there was the spillage of the alcohol ink I was using! but wow- what a perfect  background for Purple Haze!

    Back to my postcard, I scanned this page and printed out mini Jimi's-  backed them with black cardstock and placed them on the card in this fashion to create a feel of movement- not sure if I succeeded but I like the results!
      Glad you came by- hope to see you tomorrow! ")



Diane said...

I love that song! Great tributes you created.

Corrine at said...

Perfect Jimmy. I always think of Little Wing when I think of him. xox

Bev said...

Love Jimmy ,good choice and great result ,u got the sense of movement ....I remember that Strathmore class I'm still signed up this year ...I think I will be humming Angel all day lol

Karenliz Henderson said...

Great page! Your first attempt at a real face! I would have never known. Gorgeous

Rosie Schirrmeister said...

Wow, this is gorgeous, fantastic

Marilou said...

These are great Jackie! I love to sing but umm cant say it is any good, lol I just belt it out anyway, remember you only go around once! "Sing and dance like no is watching, ha or hearing", rock on girlfriend!
Hugs Marilou

JackieP Neal said...

Wow Everyone!! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful thoughts and words! You truly make my day special!! Jackie ")

Anita Houston said...

Hi Jackie! Thanks for the visit! Your Art Jimi too! I can believe you created him...perfection! I totally dig this! Hope you can join us on the new challenge as well!