Saturday, April 5, 2014

A week full of happy mail and good wishes!

     WoW!  Did I ever have a great week with the mail-lady! I swear she stopped by my house daily! And she would have come in for coffee or tea had there not been others waiting to receive their treasures? teeheehee
    The first arrival this week was a box jammed with niceties from Alpha Stamps that I won in a giveaway! Especially nice were the beautiful graphics by  Laura Carson. Laura designed and used these sheets in her Cigar box stationary chest. Go have a look on her blog!
    The next great package arrival was from my friend up in B.C. ~Denise"Birdnuts" Phillips! from a swap I had participated in a few posts back. I received three awesome tags from 3 very talented artists: Fiona Randall(dancing queen tag),Bevlea Ross (one eye tag)and Denise herself! (girl in green tag)  Also, included, was a beautiful printed postcard(far left of pic)from Marsha Jorgenson; and a special giveaway package of ephemera goodies(2nd photo)from Nancy Baumiller.  Finally, Denise rounded out the whole package with the most delishious ( i like it spelled this way!) homemade envie and a set of tags in different sizes! Thank you everyone!- hugs to Denise for such an awesome swap~as usual!!!

     Okay yesterday was a fabulous day! besides my first post for Artistcellar , I had a Two package day!!!
     First package was another giveaway I won! Lucky me! (ya gotta be in it -to win it!) This was from Retro Art Cafe' Gallery and let me tell you, Kristin Hubick has some awesome items in her online store and some wonderful you can tell! I won this set of Gelatos!!! Yay! I have been dying to try them, but did not want to spend the cash afraid I may not like them! 
well, I don't have to worry about either issue, as
 #1- FREE, 
 #2- LOVE the Gelatos!!!
 and on another note, Kristin Hubick always tucks in such yummy extra goodies-see hearts and words at top- Thank you Kristin! 

      And, now, for my favorite mail package this week...
 This also came yesterday and when I saw it was from my sister Julie, I was happy and curious... After opening the correct end, I say this because she must have written "Open this End" - 15 times!  The treasures inside were so wonderful , my eyes started leaking straightaway!....awe...Julie wrapped each bundle in plastic bags and foil and tissue papers...unfortunately the little plate she sent was a casualty :(   
    Julie and her partner Tim spend most of their winter time in Myrtle Beach,South Carolina. They love to walk the beach regularly and when they were here to visit last Thanksgiving, Tim made notice of the elements of nature I keep in my studio..and Julie said, that was all it took before Tim started amassing a collection for me! So, the two of them have collected this wonderfullness and Julie lovingly sorted by colors and types and shapes. They also found the beautiful moss included!  
    How serendipitous was this package given my "Sacred In Nature" posting the same day?!
 I believe so!  For this and all of the wonderful people in my life- I count myself blessed!
Warm wishes and blessings to all of you today- ")


Denise J. Phillips said...

Your tags you made for the swap Jackie were absolutely delicious! It was very hard to choose one to swap with me, and it was so hard to give up all 3 you made! LOL!!! And Thank you for the shout out....and I will forever be now Denise 'Birdnuts' Phillips! LOL!!!! Thanks for joining in! I so appreciate it and your talent!! xoxo

Bev said...

Wow Christmas comes early to the farm lol what a great week of deliveries such fun ...
I bought some Gelatoes when they first came out but that set looks devine , have fun and congrats ..
Hugz bev

Sarah (wonderstrumpet) said...

Oh my those tags you got! So amazing!! That's why I love doing swaps (I'm even an admin of a juried trading site) - so much happy mail!!

congratulations on all of those wins! I have that same set of gelatos and haven't even used them yet. Bad.

Annette said...

My dear J PN you did hit the jackpot what a week or happy mail you had. I haven't ever used gelatos so play to your hearts content. congrats on the winnings and just all the treasures . Love it and with the weather yall have been having what a cheering up event. Hugs and hugs xoxoxo

Darlene Campbell said...

It's funny how in comes all at once sometimes. Lucky you!