Tuesday, March 4, 2014

      Did you ever have a picture in your head that you just had to paint?-   I did! 
      Here's mine....
     Still not sure why I had to paint buildings... could be inspiration from viewing my photos of my trip to NewYorkCity a few years back.
    My background is filled with ephemera mostly in strips , which I originally thought I would paint...but you know how that goes!
I needed color! and lots of it- Products/paints used: ( this I'm sure is inconclusive,colorwise )
FolkArt E -Aqua
Golden Fluid & Heavy Body Acrylics 
Turquise (Phthalo), Permanent Violet Dark, Bone Black,
Green Gold, Interference Violet (Fine)
Liquitex Basics- Deep Violet
Silks Acrylic
Snap Dragon,Jasmine, Sky Blue
Stewart Gill Paints 
Byzantine- Cardinal,Cerisanctum / Colourise- Ceris /
Alchemy- Aurora,Chinese Jade,Afterglow / MetaMica-Verde Gris

 Still having issues with finding a white pen to work on almost all surfaces...any thoughts- please share! 
Hope your day is filled with inspiration! ")


Janet Ghio said...

Darn-I still can't leave a comment if I come through bloglovin--I LOVE your colorful buildings!! wonderful--I have a white pen to recommend-but I am sitting in bed with my laptop and can't easily look at the name--if I forget later to email you, remind me!!

Ruth L said...

It's a beautiful city view, I love all the color combos!

ann said...

Jackie love your buildings fabulous bright colours.
The white pen I use is Gelly Roll.

Bev said...

Love your imaginary city I could live there lol
White pens Posca da bomb and Uniball for a fine one...

Darlene K Campbell said...

Well, I'm glad you got it out of your head and onto paper for us to see. Wonderful!
I think the Gelly roll pens are good.Sakura has a good pen. Those painters pens. And a white out pen. Traci Bautista had a post on what white pens she uses a few months back. Jane Davenport just introduced some acrylic pens too. When I get more info I'll let you know.

JackieP Neal said...

Janet, I'm working on getting you in here easier!!! and I'll send you off an email- want to ask you about your class too! xo

JackieP Neal said...

Thank you Ruth- have to admit, I had more colours to use but ran out of buildings!! ")

JackieP Neal said...

Wow- thank you Ann, Bev and Darlene for the pen tips...will be searching today-via internet for those!
and thanks so much gals for your stopping in and commenting- always a nice way to open my blog in the morning! Hugs over the pond and across the state! ")