Sacred Hearts Bloghop!

Hello everyone! I am thrilled to be the kicker-offer for the Sacred Hearts blog hop, a shorty but goody! We’ve got a nice line up artists here, be sure to visit their blog on their day of the hop. As usual, we will be giving away a free set of stencils to one lucky person who leaves a comment on each blog. Including this one! I will leave comments open until Friday night, even though the blog hop ends on Thursday :-)  Here’s the lineup:
Now it’s my turn to show you some art I made with the Sacred Hearts stencils. I’ve been playing around with these for awhile now (the perks of getting them first!) I started playing with the gelli plate, my “go to” for inspiration. photo 4 photo 3 photo 2
Each one started off on a background that was already pulled on the gelli plate. And the best ones were the second pulls, which made them a bit more grungy. And check this one out – My gelli plate was really dirty from a last minute demo before I packed it all away to move – without cleaning the paint off the plate (gasp!) I call it “Scourge of the heart”
photo 1
Well, those are pretty cool and I’ll probably use them as collage fodder, but my  heart wasn’t really in them. (bwaha no pun intended!) So I started over, and decided to do a graffiti-like journal page. I sprayed inks, dripped and splattered, stamped and stenciled.
photo 1   photo 2(6)
It’s pretty cool…and has plenty of room to the left of the image for journaling. I wanted to do one more project but was “stuck” with the muse. I was getting worried that I wouldn’t come up with anything, but I should just trust myself that it will happen, because it always does. Usually at the last minute! (My muse, the procrastinator!) A few days ago, I was having a really bad day, one of those days where you find yourself repeating a mantra in your head over and over to help you keep it together. I was driving and blubbering that mantra and as soon as I got home, went into the studio to get it all out. I thought that the rays of the Immaculate Stencil was begging for words. I love the symbolism of the compassionate, motherly love. Just what I needed. Here is the finished piece. It was quite easy to make.
photo 4(3)
I started out with a piece of paper pulled from my gelli plate, with a very dark backgound. I put nice thick white paint through the stencil after taping it down.
photo 2(3)
And ended up with this:
photo 3(3)
I love the juxtaposition of these two textures, the shiny background and the white matte paint. I brainstormed a list of words – It’s from an exercise from a class I took with Tam at Willowing – it’s called “My Wish for You.” This represents the Divine Mother telling me what I deserve and what I AM worthy of.
photo 4(1)
After I wrote all the words in, I found it was “too white” so I grabbed some Dylusions Sprays and stained the white parts, letting it dry a bit before wiping to get an uneven covering. I stamped the title on the bottom with some letter stamps and outlined them with a white Gelly Roll pen. I wanted to make this something I could hang on the wall or lean on a shelf so I trimmed it and mounted it on a piece of white foam core and taped the edges with some coordinating washi tape.
photo 4(2)
photo 2(5)
photo 3(5)
Thank you, Muse, for helping me bring out what was in my heart and what I needed to hear most at the time.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Remember, one lucky commenter will win a set of these stencils, I will pick on Friday night. If you already bought a set, you are welcome to receive another to share or give away, or you can let me know and I can pick another person. And please remember to leave your contact information so I can get a hold of you!
Have a wonderful week, and hop on! xo Lisa