Thursday, February 13, 2014

  Slept in a bit today as I shoveled like the dickins yesterday!  I am sooo ready for Winter to be over!! The weatherman says by the end of next week we should see a warmup into the 40's- HEATWAVE!  So,when I looked out and saw all grey again today, I decided it was time to take down the Winter decor I had put up in honor of the season-
                             (geesh! what was I thinking?!!!)

    Recently, I finished a piece I was playing with using
                           LuminArte- Twinkling H2O's
 The H2O's have such vibrancy because they are made with mica and high grade pigment that refracts the light-instead of absorbing it-  If you ever get a chance to paint these H2O's,go for it, as I think you will be pleased with the results.

  The sentiment on my painting is by John Burrows- I really love it and had hoped to capture those beautiful colours as Nature had intended.  Successful or not, the painting lifts my spirits!'s to Spring around the corner and hoping that our Winter melts away soon!
Thanks for checking in
Jackie ")


Bev said...

Well just looking at this little chap should warm u up but just in case sending sunshine your way

JackieP Neal said...

Thank you sweet Bev! It's Friday hee,now as I am writing, and guess what?! Another 13" of snow last night!!! Argh! thanks for the wishes! xoxo