Tuesday, February 25, 2014

     Over the last few days I have been working on three separate sketches from the same prompt.
     A very talented artist,that I follow, Dion Dior, was guest host over at  "Sketchbook Challenge". The prompt for the February challenge is Windows.  In Dion's post, she asked the question, 
            "What are you looking at through your window?" 
                            and so,this is where I began.
     This first sketch is looking out my bedroom over the the deck and pond...Sunday was so spring-like I thought this would be great!
   as you can see in the next photo, the weather turned nasty this morning...blurring and changing my previous sunny view !
       My second sketch is from the car window as we were pulling out of the driveway...this is the Black Walnut out back... 

            and the third picture is a quick acrylic with heavy gel painting. This is from my studio window where I limited what I put in, as that is what I saw through that pane.
                        This...is how it looks out my studio window now...you know, where I took the nice sunny photos of the birds the other day?
  It's back...for awhile they say...we aren't heading South, so, I'm heading back to the studio to play till it's over! 
will someone please tell my hub to leave a plate of food -with chocolate- outside my door? teehee
this post was started Monday and the weather has now turned even worse! I may need a week's rations ")


Janet Ghio said...

Hi jackie-I really like your sketch of the black walnut tree. I will not be able to comment often on your blog because I get my blog feed through bloglovin. There are some blogs that for whatever reason (if I go through my feed to look at) do not allow me to comment. I have to then google your blog separately and go to it that way in order to leave a comment. I don't know why this happens-I think it is bloglovins way of making people use their service-I don't know But anyway I am looking at your blog even though I won't always comment.

Bev said...

Love your window paintings great idea when u are stuck for a subject ,glad u are painting ,I'm finally doing some painting too lol
Oh Riley please remember to deliver the chocolate cake to Jackie and a bone for Chum lol
Hugz Bev

JackieP Neal said...

Oh Janet, thank you for coming by! I know what you mean about the blogs and well, I wasn't sure which way to go to be able to "catch" all my readers...but here I am ! and just knowing that you are popping in to follow along tickles me to no end! Thank you sweetie! hugs to you and George ")

JackieP Neal said...

Bev dear! So glad you made it back!! haha those Gremlins seem to be maybe something I was doing wrong...hopefully I have fixed it- because I do so look forward to your cheeky quips!! and Chum loves that idea of the bone by the way!! how's that new flat working out? and I have to tell you, your daughter is a beauty like her Mum!love&hugs to you my friend ")