Saturday, February 22, 2014

      No time to blog or play in my studio the last few days as the Grandkids came to visit. We had fun~ playing games, finishing up a jigsaw puzzle, spending time on the 4 wheeler with Poppa and most of all- we laughed like crazy!!! 

    One day,from my studio window, we had the chance to finally glimpse signs of Spring!
 Look at this beautiful Robin- such a sweet song to hear once again!
and these little tail feathers hanging off the peak outside my window...
  well, they belong to the same little guy who seems to be setting up housekeeping here...

  Here he is,dressed in Nature's splendor-the Eastern Bluebird.
The Bluebird's colours are so vibrant- you can tell it's him when he flies by, it's like a streak of blue - a Monet blue.
  Together, the Bluebird and Robin, were pecking around the grass hoping for a grub or two...ready for a fresh meal!
  Later in the day when we went shopping for more birdseed, I bought my Bluebird and his friends a bucket of dried Mealworms! 
                                 I hear it's a favorite!   yum!   
        Now I am convinced, Spring is not far off! Hooray!

      Our next adventure was off to check on our chicks!
 Oh Yes, we are! We have six Hens or Pullets,as they are called, and a Rooster on order to pick up after hatching at the end of March... We will have our own eggs- fresh everyday! and a Rooster to wake us with his morning call! Let's just hope we can program him for the correct time! teeheehee 
  This photo shows how big our chicks will be on the day they hatch...    
                                                    How adorable- and soft!
   Our chicks will be almost all black with tufts of white... 
You can see what breed we have and what they will look like here-  Barred Rock Chickens

   While at the farm,we met this sweet little guy, who was a rescue at 5 days old..his name is Jasper.
    The grands and I were really sweet on him and I thought, hmmm we should have a lamby, till I found out, he is going to be at least-400lbs! Yikes !
  The folks that rescued him are now his forever home. You should hear him blat when he is left alone! Such a baby") Jasper has become a house lamb with his own room~I wonder what they will do when he gets full size! heehee

Hear that? A quiet house today as we dropped of the grands last evening..
Off for some fresh coffee and then to the studio !
 Enjoy your weekend!


Janet Ghio said...

I saw a robin just the other day too. What a relief it was to see him!! I have also heard a few little chirps in the woods behind our condo. Such a wonderful sound. Wish I was lucky enough to see a bluebird--that is the state bird of Missouri, but they are really rather elusive birds-at least where I live.

Bill said...

We've had robins and cardinals in our trees here in Michigan despite the horrible weather. I sure hope it means spring is near! You're killing me with the pictures of the chicks and goat. I want Bantam chickens and pygmy goats so bad, but we live in a suburbs. No farm animals. Shucks! We'd love to move, but the economy has made it impossible.

Darlene K Campbell said...

I'm jealous of your bluebird and the chickens to come. The little goat is awesome. Happy he has a safe home now. I think your robin looks like she'lll be laying eggs soon.
All I got from my backyard today was the neighbor's dogs barking continually (and I mean continually). They live across the alley a ways and I think they tie them outside and then go to work. Ugh!

JackieP Neal said...

Janet, does your Bluebird resemble ours? I know the southern one is all blue- we were lucky to see a few when we went to West Virginia a few years back- sooo beautiful!

JackieP Neal said...

Hi Bill, Sorry no farm animals for you! But think of all the work, you won't have to do! heehee

JackieP Neal said...

Darlene- the little goat is actually a Lamb- you know, Mary's little one? heehee
Sorry I missed you the other day- ,the grands were keeping us busy- and exhausted!!! teehee

Anonymous said...

Oh Soooo Funny Miss I always wake up early !!!!