Sunday, February 16, 2014

   In spite of all of my good intentions of getting back on Friday to post it is Sunday!
                                   Happy Sunday everyone!

       In honor of Valentine's Day- I went with some background pages in one of my journals I already had worked and just added a few collage elements and a bit of writing. Again- no during photos as oops! I forgot to bring my camera in!
       Speaking of cameras, Darlene asked about my pictures and why they are so crisp and clear- I would love to say- Oh, user skill- haha- but I really think my camera-Nikon Coolpix P5000 was a great buy. We bought this seven years ago and when I was looking up info on it, looks like Nikon has since retired this camera. It is still available on Amazon, however, at around two hundred more than we paid for it.
          Back to my pages, here are the close-ups of each page.
don't you just love the crackle on the heart?- I used  Scattered Straw Distress Crackle by Tim Holtz
The ladies used in the picture come from *iTkUpiLLi* Imaginarium
Kirsi's digital art is fabulous! You'll see I use her pieces quite often in my art.
       As far as the studio goes, it was all nice and almost clean when a burst of creativity came to me and I just had to sit and play! I had been looking online for some storage for my markers and well, just did not want to spend the money (I rather spend the money on art supplies!) So, I decided to look around the barn and see what could be Upcycled or Repurposed- and this is what I came up with...
       My husband was kind enough to give up one of his trillion storage chests{thanks honey!}- so with a little paint and paper, total cost, -all items were  on hand = saved money to buy paints,stencils,stamps,ect HUGE GRIN ")
 I do have another piece in the works, and I actually am taking photos, teehee, so, right after I go shovel the deck, Again , I'll be hunkered down in my studio- as I think the snow shall never stop! ARGH!
On this note,I'll say, my hub and I have have this running joke,where he looks out the bedroom window
and says, " I thought you were going to shovel the deck? "  and I just look at him and laugh....
have a great day and thanks for checking in ")


Bev said...

Looks like faerie land out there ,great window cool and clever to find that storage I love it when that happens,bet there's tons more treasures in that huge shed of yours lol nice artwork too love those two girls ...stay warm ...see ya

JackieP Neal said...

Bev, you are a doll to stop by! faerie land? not by a longshot! Spent all day Monday digging out before the next storm-argh!
Yes, there is a plethora of "things" in that barn just waiting to be used! haha xo

Darlene K Campbell said...

Lovely pages in your beautiful style and yes, I like the Tim Holtz crackle glitz. Speaking of shoveling the deck Gary just finished shoveling and the biggest swoosh of snow slid off the roof. lucky he was inside it would've buried him....seriously. Dangerous really. Now we have thaw and swish through water then it freezes and we slip and slide. EEk! I do know what camera you're talking about but you do have skill too.