Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My first post ever!

 Wow! Already  into the second month of 2014!  and in a few mores days...hearts will be all over the place!
 Well, my heart is feeling really full today as I got some wonderful mail art and treasures from my dear friend- Darlene!

How lucky am I?!!! I love her packaging- GO GREEN Darlene! heehee  Darlene used a paper bag, rolled down , decorated fabulously- and taped to travel!! And, in there, not one, two but three cards!, A Giant tube of KROMA crackle(huge grin!),artist soap,my favorite candy, a watercolor created by my awesome friend, and CHICKEN POOP lip balm!! What more could a gal ask for?! Oh yes, she knows I'm free range~ lol Thank you my bestest artist friend from Ohio!!!
 So when you think the day could not get any brighter, actually it could...cause it's snowing uncontrollably....
......more happy mail!!!!

A Sweet package of goodies I won from  RED LEAD PAPERWORKS  http://redlead.typepad.com/artsee!
A stencil, a mask set of 3 stamps and 2 bottles of yummy coloured inks!!  Happy I am!
 Thanks for stopping by
    Jackie  ")


JackieP Neal said...

just checking to make sure this thing works! LOL

Denise J. Phillips said...

They're working! GRIN Just signed up for your emails Love your new blog! OH sends sloppy's :)

JackieP Neal said...

Thank you Denise and Oliver Howard!!! You are my very first posters!!!! yay!!! I hear bells and whistles going off in the background! Thanks my friend for signing up- i hope to keep this entertaining! hugs ")

Darlene K Campbell said...

YIppety doh dah! As you said, "2014 is the year." You made it into Blog world. I love it. Love the colors and your "Coloring Without Crayons" title. If I'd know my package would be your first photo I would've done a better job. I am so happy about this. Beautiful and can't wait to see more. Looks like I need you to redesign my Blog. Hugs,'Darlene

Darlene K Campbell said...

Oh yes...adore the photo of the heart wiped into that cold window for a peek outside. And your profile photo is awesome!!!

Annette said...

Hi Jackie doesn't happy mail just feel good to get. Last year Eldon said it is like Christmas for you. hugs

JackieP Neal said...

Hi Darlene and Annette! Thanks so much for stopping by- Annette, tell Eldon-yup, felt like Christmas
and Darlene- your packaging was perfect as it was! hugs to you both!!