Thursday, July 12, 2018

Are the Stars out Tonight...

Hello! I am back with a post for  Gwen LaFleur's Tribe today.
 Using lots of stenciling,from Gwen's stencils and loads of paint layers,i mean loads of luscious layers of paint!and then some other added elements tho give depth to my design.
This style is something different and new to me,and I struggled at times, but am happy with the results.
 Let me know in the comments what you think!
Sooooo,because I was "just going with it" I have no step outs,just lots of yummy close ups
 These large stars are from Gwen's online Mixed Media store- Gwen's Essentials~German Dresden Embossed Stars colored up in a soft pink

The very first stencil layer I put down was from
Gwen's Boho Stencil Collection~Collage textures and Patterns~Circle Stencil using the center stencil vertically with modeling paste.

 Just look at the texture and colors! I was in color heaven!

 The next stencil I layered was from Gwen's new line,available only through StencilGirl StencilClub,which I spoke about here in my last post.
This stencil is the Fleur-de-lis from Gwen's Ceramic Tiles Collection
I applied Embossing paste through the stencil, through the circle areas as well as through the fleur-de-li areas


 On the circular area, I added the Emerald Creek's Baked Texture Embossing Powder~Vintage Beeswax and bubbled the heck out of it! I love texture, in case you did not know! LOL
In the center of the canvas/stencil,I added with matte gel,another Dresden from Gwen's Essentials German Dresden Trim~Ornate Ornament
I really think this worked well with fleur-de-li stencil. 

Omgoodness- I just LOVE these stencils by Gwen!!! Her designs thrill me each time a new set comes out! I so love that her stencils are always unique and her designs are fresh and there are no others out there like hers! Can you tell I am a fan?!!
 On the corners and sides of my canvas I used another stencil from the (available only through StencilGirl StencilClub)  Ceramic Tiles Collection~the overall design stencil 9x12
What a beautiful pattern design this is!!
 and then back to the middle, I just had to add a piece of jewelry,again with matte medium from my Going Global Turkmen Jewelry Parts stash.

I love the way this piece fit perfectly!
 and as you can see here, I added some Mini Art Stones to help complete my canvas

There you have it- hope you enjoyed the photos!
I'd like to send a shout out to Sanda Reynolds of who makes the most inspiring mixed media videos and classes. I have been watching her create for sometime now and finally jumped in and tried my hand at some of her techniques-thank you Sanda for your constant creativity and inspiration. This canvas was inspired by a recent tutorial of Sanda's.

Thank you for your visit and support my friends!
sending out hugs,
Peace & Love
Jackie ") 

Gwen LaFleur Products Used:

Other products used:
*DecoArt Matte Medium
*Wendy Vecchi~Embossing Paste~Clear
*ColourArte Silks~Stargazer
*Prima ArtExtravaganca~MiniArtStones
Art Alchemy Metallique Acrylics~Vintage Rose,Light Patina,Rich Turquoise
Art Alchemy Acrylic Opal Paints~Opal Magic Pink-Blue
Art Alchemy Sparks~Dragons Eye
Art Alchemy Patina Effects Paste~Mint Green,Blue

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Bohemian doily and StencilGirl StencilClub

Good morning everyone!
I am sharing with you today a project made with Gwen LaFleur's new stencil reveal~The Ceramic Tiles Collection
Omgosh! these are my new favorites! haahaa like I never say that about all of Gwen's stencils-right?

You can see Gwen's reveal and the Gorgeous pieces she create with her new designs here via this link.
These stencils are extra special because you can only get these through joining StencilGirl's StencilClub!
Learn more about the club and join via this link
I'll tell you more later in the post,on to a few pictures of my upcycled doily.

So,I have an unhealthy stash(hoarder) of vintage doilies(heehee) and decided these were perfect for Gwen's new stencils!
First I gave the doily two coats of gesso on each side

Next I used the Brass paint and the 6x6 Fleur-di-lis stencil

 Yummy already!

Then out came the fiber paste and I mixed a batch with Teal paint,
and used the 9x12 all over design,omitting the center design when knifing the paste through

beautiful! ahhhh not done yet!

Next out came my new Pixie powders and with water,I colored the lace edging and then made a wash of the same  and colored the background

So lovely! but I think it needs more...
 Red Wine paint this time and some fancy detailed work
at some point I used Gold to paint in the center of the fleur-de-lis design and also a bit on the overall designs- to make that Wine color show even more.
Then I reintroduced the overall stencil over the center, just using a sponge with the Teal again.

I will tell you,Gwen designed these this collection to layer perfectly with one another.

I called it done here~kind of Bohemian looking isn't it?!
I do love the way this doily turned out and have already started a few others!

And now,a bit more info about the StencilGirl StencilClub in case you missed the link. 
These stencils are ONLY available through StencilClub.

What do you get for your 25.00 monthly fee?
*First you get one 9x12
*one 6x6
*one 4x4 Stencil each month
along with
* a companion project video and
* PDF made by the artist of the month
*and...there are always coupons available for  members as well!

* and let me add,not only do you receive all the above, but also tons of inspiration from other club members as well a a community of like minded StencilGirl Stencil loving souls!

July 2018's Designer of the month,Gwen LaFleur,will be teaching how to make a Single Sheet Journal using her new stencils in her video.

So if you want to receive Gwen's Ceramic Tile Stencils,you need to hurry as these stencils are only available to club members who join Before 8/15.
Hurry to get in on these Fabulous new designs by Gwen!

List of Products:
StencilGirl StencilClub~Gwen LaFleur's~Ceramic Tiles Collection

Golden's Fiber Paste 

Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powder~Teal Wash

Prima~Finnabairs Alchemy Metallique Paints~Mermaid Teal,Red Wine
           ~Finnabairs Art Alchemy Sparks~Dragon's Eye
           ~Finnabair's Art Extravagance patina Paste Effect~Brass

Vintage doily

So happy you were able to join me here today! Hoping your day is filled with sunshine & love wherever in the world you are!
Jackie ")

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Stand beside her...and guide her...

 Good morning and Happy 4th of July to my friends here in the states.
I thought the piece was perfect for today!
As you can see,this is a metal plate.This type of serving wear was huge back in the 50's and 60's and now you see it all over,at thrift shops,garage sales... why not repurpose it- right?

I made this piece to bring out to California for my son Lindsey and his gal Hannah.
The kids loved it and said it was the best gift ever!

Seeing that the gift went to California with us...I thought this was a great segue into photos of our trip out there with the kids!
If you have some time,photo heavy post, so grab a cuppa and relax.

 On Friday we took a couple hour drive to Monterey.
Here are a couple of quick facts(via Google)about Monterey Beach.
Monterey is a city on California’s rugged central coast. Its Cannery Row, one-time center of the sardine-packing industry, was immortalized by novelist John Steinbeck. Today, it's a popular strip of gift shops, seafood restaurants and bars in converted factories. Also famous is Monterey Bay Aquarium, with thousands of marine animals and plants on display.
We opted for eats and walking...
 Linds showing his good side...
 Hannah always has a good side!
 Me and Riley posing for the camera.I should have moved my chair closer!(yes,the stretch was uncomfortable!)
  I was having fun,snapping photos!This one came out pretty neat!

Below is where we ate Lulu's. You give them your cell number and they call you when they have table and chairs took 35 minutes for our call back.



 Riley and Linds got these huge wraps,Hannah had a Normal size waffle...
 And I asked for the HUB,not realizing exactly what it was. The HUB as in Hub Cap size! YIKES! Hannah helped me, but we still left much on the plate! We all could have had a quarter of this and that would have been plenty! lol

 We strolled the shops and Riley was into trying things on! heeheee 

and kayak-ers on the ocean-how funny was that? Something I have never seen.
 Back at the house,our host and hostess did a fine job with preparing delicious meals for us, and they really worked so well together. Made me feel good to see this ")
on another note,Mom was not allowed in the kitchen when they were cooking-What?! lol
 This is Rae she is a sweetheart and would walk over me while I was sleeping. They have another kitty named Trevor,but Trev is totally camera shy!
 So we went to this really cool store called the World Market and they actually sell this stuff! heehee We opted for a couple bags of delicious coffees instead!
 Another day out brought us to this park for walking.This park is all trails and salt lakes.

This photo reminds me of Linds when he was a little boy.It makes me tear up every-time 
 I guess this spider forgot to move before the sun dried up the water"( Cool photo though!
 This is summer in California- the green grasses are now gone till next spring again-and this is why fire safety is so important!
Now back home for another meal,Lindsey indulges me for more photos! lol And tonight Mom gets to cook Lindsey's favorite meal-Chicken Kiev.It was yummy!
 Rile lounging and chillin. The weather was perfect all the while we were there.
 and...Hannah loved making mixed media! She was a fast learner and has taken to modeling paste, stencils and stamps like she was born with them in her hands! heehee
 Hannah is a big fan of Distress Oxides as well-she takes after me! LOL
 Rae posing for Gramma
(yea I know she is a cat,but till they give me grandchildren,the kitties are my grandkitties!)
 Beautiful flowers on the trees outside their apartment
 Hannah snaps some photos from above
  having Mom and Son time.
I miss them so much already. Linds is my baby at 32-I can't believe it was that long ago he came into this world!
 My sweethearts are moving to Texas in August to start a whole new life! Stay tuned,I may end up a MIL and grandma yet! ")
 Bless us,Everyone!

Well my friends,this was a heartfelt post today. I cried when I edited my photos and I cried when uploaded these as well, now as I look over my I am tearing up again! I better get this posted and move along before my eyes start to swell! heehee
 My love for my children is something that is too hard to express and you other parents reading this know what I mean.
So,truly, thanks so much for being here and indulging me!

And in spite of all that is wrong right now in our country right now, I have a great love for her and pray that she will be guided by the light to what is right. 

I wish you all,
Peace & Love
Jackie ")

DecoArt Chalky Finish~Everlasting
DecoArt Chalky Finish~Honor
DecoArt Americana Acrylic~True Red
DecoArt Americana Decor Stencil~Americana Tribute