Monday, March 12, 2018

Charlotte's Garden Nicho

Today,my project for Gwen's Artist Tribe is my use of a Going Global Mexican Nicho,which I have turned into a magical garden for my Frozen Charlotte.

Gwen carries a wide variety Mexican Nichos in her store;with shapes varying from a flaming heart,a hand,and also a Nicho shaped as a Well with a Bird! Have a look here in her online store.
Mine started out this way-beautiful as is,but I love my color!

For those of you unfamiliar with Nichos, I found this bit of information online at Wikipedia.
I chose the Materials part to share:
"Nichos are made of objects that can be easily purchased or scavenged in the home or community. The media are characteristically humble for a religious object, especially compared to the typically ornate icons of the Catholic Church. The shadow box itself is easily converted from a cigar box or other mass-produced wooden container, but can also be constructed from any lightweight wood, recycled tin, or glass. The colorful designs on the box and borders are created not only with paint, but also with sequins, glitter, chain, thread or rope, paper mache, and any small bric-a-brac. Other ornaments within nichos include milagro charms, beads, stones, nails, and other manufactured and found objects."

So now that you know a bit more about Nichos,on with the show!
My first step was to gesso the tin Nicho using black as my base.
While that was drying I started to choose my elements.

Chum got in on it as well,helping my pick out which Chiyogami Papers might work best. 
He loves Gwen's mixed media supplies as much as me! teeheehee

Here I pulled out a handful of my stash of treasured miniatures to use as well as a Frozen Charlotte doll.
Next out came my bags of Turkman Jewelry Parts and a Jewelry Curated Stash Pack from Gwen's store.

This is where the in process pictures stopped as I just started creating and could not stop!
I dry-brushed several layers of Paper Artsy colors,which I will share below,as well as Iridescent Gold and Iridescent Copper over the black gesso.

Once the paints were dry,Chum and picked our favorite Chiyogami Paper from the Exotic Japanese Paper Sampler and I aged it with a watered down coat of Quinachridone Gold.
After the paper was secured with Tacky Glue, using my awl,I punched in two holes behind the Sunburst.Through these holes I hung Gwen's Czech Butterfly Glass Beads which were strung with gold thread. A few other butterfly beads were glued to the back and sides,inside the Nicho.

Next I added a few tiles to the inside base,two were made for me by my sweet internet friend,Felicia Aaron (thank you💜)and the third is a G for garden. 
The tiles made Charlotte's walkway and also gave her a bit of height.
At this point,I added a few bisque flower pieces,a vintage plastic bird and the lovely yellow flower Czech Glass Beads,again from Gwen's online store!
Lastly added,along with Charlotte is her vintage aqua poodle dog! Charlotte's poodle was a vintage sweater pin and now has become her favorite friend,whom she calls Skyy.
door open for better photos

After the inside was complete,as lovely as it was,I decided the outside of Charlotte's Garden needed decor as well.

To the purple flowers,I added some Glossy accents to give them a bit of shine.
Using various sizes of wire and jump rings,I beaded together various Turkman jewellery parts,colorful beads and some of my favorite yellow flower Czech Glass Beads.


The I remembered that I still had two of these gorgeous peacocks from Gwen's store.
Surely one would be perfect for the top of the Nicho!
A bit of paint applied in layers and a coat of Glossy Accents and this beauty was glued on~Front & Center!
And that completes Charlotte's Garden Nicho
 Pretty magical,don't you think?

Thank you so much for joining me! I hope you found a bit of inspiration and maybe also found a few things you need from Gwen's store! 
Chum and I going shopping again tomorrow!
peace & love
Jackie ")

Products from Gwen Lafleur's online store:

Global Mexican Nichos with Sunburst

Beautiful Butterfly Czech Glass Beads

Fabulous Florals Czech Glass Beads 

Going Global Turkman Jewelry Parts

Jewely Curated Stash Packs

Proud Peacock~Bronze Peacocks Findings

Exotic Orient Japanese Chiyogamy Paper Sampler

Other products used:
 Paper Artsy Fresco Paints in shades of
Glacier Ice 
Beach Hut
Spanish Mulberry
Here in the states you can purchase these from
Frantic Stamper 
Simon Says Stamp 

Golden Paints used Iridescent Gold (Fine) Iridescent Copper (Fine) Quinachridone Gold

Ranger Glossy Accents

Aleene's Tacky Glue

Finnabair's Heavy Black Gesso

Vintage stash items-my miniature collection

Playing along with-

Mixed Media World~Anything Goes

Paper Artsy~ Topic#4 Whimsy

More Mixed Media Challenge~Anything Goes with the option of Green
~Have green wallpaper inside the Nicho

That's Crafty~Spring Into Action

Sunday, March 4, 2018

more mail love

Good Sunday morning everyone!
Last post I promised a bit more mail love and so here it is!!

 Some of you,many of you,may be familiar with Lynne Moncreiff of Adorn.I have been an enthusiastic,(well maybe her #1-in my mind) fan of her and her art since i first discovered her. Lynne is a regularly published artist for most if not all of Stampington's magazines and her style is uniquely hers.Well this lovely,dear friend,has generously created and sent me some of her artwork.
All the way from Scotland!

In this wonderful package, Lynne also included a packet of tea,mmmm and a small bar of the most delicious dark chocolate I have eaten to this date! Yum! Simply Scrumptious I tell you!
On the backs of the artwork and tag, Lynne wrote to me beautiful words of encouragement and support of my artwork.
 This means the world dear Lynne, and I so very much appreciate you,my friend and our faraway relationship.
Thank you sweet Lynne! 💜💜

Up an assortment of colors, like I've never seen!
My childhood friend and neighbor Jennifer Gammon Murphy,and I grew up across the street from one another. Almost everyday we were outside playing kickball,ghost in the graveyard or Barbies and staying overnight at one another's houses! 
Now,as adults we still have much in common. Jen,has also grown into a hoarder/collector like me! LOL Only Jen actually sells the vintage things she buys!teehee 
Jen's successful company, LadyJaneVintage specializes in vintage clothing,and she does quite a business for set designers and the like!  I am so proud and happy of and for Jen!
anyway, Jen was out carousing the local thrift shops and saw some beautiful bags of material. After reading my numerous,love posts about Gwen's Irresistible Sari Scraps. Jen told me she had seen something I might have liked.
Well,didn't she go back to that store,and was lucky(for me)enough to find the bags still there?
 She sent off to me a package with 6 bags of various color and sizes of GORGEOUS Batik material
These are just a few of the pieces,I share,as there are so many more delicious colors and designs.

Jen sure does know how to make a heart happy and a girl jump for joy!

Thank you so much Jen for all the love~I am so happy we grew up together and still share such a close family connection!

That's it for this Sunday morning, I do hope your day is filled with sunshine and happiness!
Mine is sunny already and I have a very special friend visiting for the weekend, SherieWeiserEddy. ssshhhh she is still sleeping, but when she gets up, it's back out to the Art Barn for some heavy duty creating and fun!
Jackie ")