Thursday, February 22, 2018

for the love of Irresitible Sari Scrap Part two...

 and the Sari Scrap journal spread diaries continues...
today I return,sharing more on how I have used these gorgeous bits of mixed media goodness~
Irresistible India Embellished Sari Scraps.

 Having chosen each Sari Scrap piece carefully and methodically placed...
hows that for dramatic! teeheehee
 Seriously,just look at this gorgeous transparent green piece of Sari. The beading down the side of it reminds me of a climbing vine.
These two divine clusters!!
Well,these were cut from a small scrap and look as though they were made for just this place! 
Both of these pieces came from the Greens package of Irresistible Sari Scraps.
I have to say,there are so many incredibly gorgeous pieces in each package-you will have a hard time choosing which to use and which to hoard save!
Available at the shop are 2 and 4 oz packages in colors of 
I think I have one of each and two of some! 
Here,I have used Gwen's delicate Ornamental Petals Screen Stencil,to highlight the Sari scrap clusters.I just love how this shows on the black background-exquiste!
 and here,I have included a splash!of embossing powder for some additional glimmer
On the left page of this spread,I have cut and pieced some gorgeous Batik fabric pieces my childhood friend Jennifer Gammon Murphy aka LadyJaneVintage sent me recently.thank you Jen!
 These Batik pieces were adhered to the page using heavy matte gel medium and left to dry.
When dry,using Gwen's Art Deco Sunburst Background Stencil,I spread translucent embossing paste through and left this to harden.
After the embossing paste was dry,using my fingers,I gently highlighted the stenciled parts with shades of turquoise,lavender and green,blending with the colors on the opposing page
The background for this page had been done a few days before,and now only needed some special graphics and wording.
I had used the same stencil here~Gwen's Art DecoSunburst Background ~ I love this part~such a cool design!and just look at how delicious those colors look on it!

The wording I chose...
Three things cannot long be hidden:
the sun
the moon
and the truth

To finish my page, I added these beautifully brilliant graphics from Gwen's Downloadable Collage Cut-Outs-Irrestible India Collection. I feel like the veils on these women resemble the green beaded Sari and therefore carried the feel across the pages,what do you think?
If you haven't been over to Gwen's store before, you really should go have a look~Truly one of a kind supplies from all over the globe and the ways to use these items in Mixed Media Art is endless!!
 and...till the end of this month,in honor of Chinese New Year, Gwen has 15% off of anything in the Exotic Orient Category!

 Well,I do hope you have enjoyed my 
Irresistible Sari Scrap journal spread diaries.
I know,not much of story,but some awesome pictures-right? lol

Thanks again for continuing to follow along on this fabulous artful journey I am on. 
I so appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time for a visit,and love it so much when you leave a comment!
Peace & Love
Jackie ")

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

for the love of Irresistible Sari Scrap

 Recently I received my supplies from Gwen Lafleur's Mixed Media store for my Artist Tribe projects.
In my supplies were the yummiest batch of Irresistible India Embellished Sari Scraps I have ever laid my eyes on! (actually this was the first time I had ever laid eyes on-lol)
I was so thrilled with these,I hurriedly ordered a bunch more in other colors.
This new batch arrived this past Friday,and I immediately started playing

and so begins my Sari Scrap  journal spread story...
sounds pretty dramatic-huh?
(you have to see this Sari,I'm telling you~very dramatic indeed!)

So,have a cuppa,sit back and relax and learn how I have used these exquisite,beautiful,well
Irresistible Scraps from Gwen's Mixed Media store 

This first page finds me again (see last time here) playing with Gwen's Art Deco Book Plate Stencil.
when I find a "new art stash love",
I only have eyes for it... lol
I absolutely am drawn to the clean lines of the design and how gorgeous modeling paste looks through this stencil. Beautiful-eh?
how about  these small florets* on the sides of the center?
I love this part!! my favorite!
yes, bits of Embellished Sari Scrap

The center design here,well it was just perfect for Gwen's Hmong Embroidered Star I  already had in my "Gwen stash".
 This was enhanced with the addition of gifted beads from Tribe Sister-Linda Edkins Wyatt thank you Linda!

After laying down layers and layers of color,I added a bit of crackle glaze to the DecoArt quinachridone BurntOrange and quinachridoneMagenta sections~

These pearlescent blue sections,are so dreamy! 
 They remind me of Maxfield Parrish skies.
Do you have a favorite part so far?

Next we go on to the right page of this 
Irresistible Sari Scrap journal journey spread...
yes,I know,I keep changing the story name-heehee
see the tiny florets* I had mentioned above?
they were cut from this same piece of delicate Sari Scrap 
These scraps are really so versatile and in my opinion just beautify everything they grace!

This sweet elephant hand stamped by Gwen was also in my Enchanting Elephants pack.(favorite part) Gwen stamped this using one of her Elephant block stamps onto Khadi paper and then I colored it in with watercolors. 
**and with the sweet elephant I am linking up with Art~Journa~Journey Animals A to Z **

Even though I did not use the exact color scheme on each page,I still feel the pages flow well together.The tiny seed beads are varied in colors and pick up colors from the opposite page.
So,after all of my color was on,stenciling was done and my elephant piece was glued down,

isn't this a cool picture?
this gorgeous and delicate Irresistible India Sari Scrap was added. This was machine stitched down on to my journal page. (totally favorite part!)
Then,before the final stitches,I added a handful of vintage seed beads from Linda, as well as an ivory elephant charm which came in my Enchanting Elephants Collage and Embellishments Pack.
 I tilted the book so that the beads would fall to the opposite side,then finished stitching this closed.

The sounds of the beads jiggling when the book is lifted or opened is so sweet. (favorite part)
How cool is this? the thought just came to me as I was pouring over my handfuls of Sari Scraps...yes, I even put them all over me to just soak in their absolute beauty ~teeheehee~
ok,not really,but I thought about it!

and finally,to balance the page I added these beautiful flowers from Gwen's  Lovely Lotus Downloadable Collage Cut-outs available as an instant download in her shop. (favorite part as well!)

and there you have Part one of my
Sari Scrap journal spread

are you enjoying the story so far? 
and can you tell I love Sari Scraps?
well,be sure to return,this Thursday the 22nd
 as the Sari Scrap journey continues with
 part 2 of the
 Sari Scrap Journal spread diaries! 

Thanks so much for continuing to follow along on this fabulous artful journey I am on. 
I so appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time for a visit,and love it so much when you leave a comment!
Peace & Love
Jackie ")

Friday, February 16, 2018

I got the best mail yesterday...


I was almost speechless! (almost)
The tears absolutely poured down my face as I opened  my
 "Artist Complementary"
 Issue of
Somerset Apprentice by Stampington!

Even though I knew I had been chosen ahead of time...
truly it is not believable until you open that magazine and see your artwork on the pages!

My"Beautiful Dreamers"are a six page spread!
I just couldn't believe it!
The gang at Stampington&Company did an absolutely beautiful job photographing and sharing my artwork. Truly a gorgeous spread.

and then,if this wasn't enough,I was asked to answer a few questions for the regular article

"We Asked the ARTISTS" 
What's your favorite embellishment to use on a project?

and for the regular article "Glossary Spotlight"
 they asked me:
What Types of Findings are you drawn to?

and finally they wanted  to know:
Please share a humorous/embarrassing story from when you were a beginning artist

As you can probably guess,I am still reeling with excitement and thanking my lucky stars!
Sending out huge thank yous to #Stampington&Company Publications, #SomersetApprentice, and to Gracy Wilkins and Danielle Williams for appreciating my artwork and giving me this fabulous chance to have it shown worldwide through their magazine!
 I am beyond blessed!
About seven years ago,my online friend Darlene Campbell and I were discussing my submitting for publishing. Darlene is a much published artist and was constantly encouraging me. 
I told her at that time,my dream was to be published in Somerset Apprentice!
Darlene always had faith it would happen for me-thanks my bestest Ohio friend! 
and now,I am here to tell you
thank you for your visit
Jackie ")
The faerie images used on these canvases are from Gecko Galz 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mixed Media Tri~Perfecta

Welcome to another Artist Tribe post for Gwen Lafleur.

Today's canvas is inspired by our recent Blue Moon. Ours was not really blue...but consisted of gorgeous colors like the ones on my canvas. 
So to tie this into the title of my post,the Blue Moon was referred to as Trifecta,which is derived from Tri plus Perfecta
Add to this,I used the perfect trio of Gwen's Art Deco Medallion Stencil, Gwen's Exotic Orient Traditional Chinese Screen Die and Seth Apter's Trifecta Die Set, hence Tri~Perfecta!

Lots of photos to share,full of textures, and colors and interest.

I started with a gessoed canvas,to which I added scraps of vintage maps and thin layers of the dies.
First colors down were opaque followed by several layers of Quinachridone colors. Then I randomly brushed on DecoArt crackle glaze and while this was still drying,added several more layers of colors.
Also blocked in a few circles with color here and there.
Next added was embossing paste through Gwen's Art Deco Medallion Stencil in various areas and left to dry.
I was thinking I wanted to do the same thing with these small circles like I did on my last post so I filled these in with Glossy Accents and as they were drying,decided to change it up,by adding #BakedTexture~Deep Sea embossing powder by Seth. I melted this layer a bit and next added  Hammered Metal,a bit more cooking with the heat tool,and then another layer of Charred Gold.

Then I went onto adding the dies to the canvas,which I had previously cut and stamped with Delicata Gold ink.Here I layered embossing powders of Deep Sea and Burnt Copper Leaves(which has quickly become my favorite powder!)

I love the BurntCopperLeaves ep,so much,I decided it had to be my frame choice.
Is that not just Gorgeous??!!
 on these rings to the right,you can see the Enhanced Gold Pearl ep.This translucent ep gave nice shine and truly did enhance the gold color!

and yes,I added more BurntCopperLeaves ep,here and there on areas of the stencils. It just looks so cool on Gwen's stencil!
To the outside edges of the canvas I randomly stamped embossing ink and dipped this into the #BakedTexture~Deep Sea ep...
 then heated and melted and melted and dipped and heated and turned...well,you get the idea! 
Didn't this turn out just yummy?!

Here I drilled down through the canvas and added this vintage Art Deco Key from my stash. 
Thanks Gwen for supplying the best products to combine with my hoarded  saved best vintage stash.

In the above photo,I added the Emerald Creek Quarry Gem Stones, to this die
 mmmmm #texture  #tactile

To highlight the various golds I used my fingers to rub over and into the background crackle,DecoArt's Metallic Luster~Gold Rush
I really liked the BurntCopperLeaves ep on the edges and decided one more layer for those circles...
I heated up the circles one at a time,sprinkled Burnt Copper Leaves in the bubbles,quick dose of heat and left the texture as it was-matching the framework
Below,the ring to the left is covered with Judikins Chocolate Twinkle ep and kinda feels like sandpaper  #tactile  

If you love that die of Gwen's I used...that and all the other  items from the Exotic Orient category are on sale in honor of Chinese New Year!
 on sale through the end of February!

you know,looking at these rings here,kinda reminds me of the Olympic rings... 
Perfecta timing as the 2018 Winter Olympics start this Thursday~tomorrow!

 I do hope you enjoyed my post and were able to follow my descriptions as I remembered them!
 If you have any questions,please email me,
 I will be happy to reply
Jackie ") 

Gwen's products used:

Gwen's StencilGirl Stencils - Art Deco Collection~

Gwen's Essentials - Emerald Creek Embossing Powders~

Emerald Creek Quarry Gemstones~


Exotic Orient Traditional Chinese Metal Wafer Dies~ 

Round Chinese Screen Die 


Other products used:
Judikins EP~Chocolate Twinkle

DecoArt Products used:

Media Fluid Arcylic paints by DecoArt ~
Cadium Orange Hue,Raw Sienna,Quinachridone Magenta,Quinachridone Gold,Quinachridone Burnt Orange,Cobalt Blue Hue,Dioxide Purple
Metallic Luster~Gold Rush
Media Crackle Glaze

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Lots of melting going on on this canvas!

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