Friday, September 5, 2014

Back from California and catching up on posts....

            Hello Friday viewers...

As you are about to see, I broke with our Artistcellars design team's theme of Black and White this week. I'll make up the B&W challenge another time! ")  
 I was in California visiting my sons and had already had this post prepared!   Now onto my weekly Friday post~times two!

 This week I needed to update our name plaque that we take with us when camping. We moved last year and I needed to replace the town and decided to add some spunk to my already painted plaque.
I painted my original plaque,in 2005-with our favorite bird- the Rose-Breast Grosbeak (female)
  For this project, I used my Mini Cubist stencil and Golden Coarse Pumice Gel. I layered the gel through the stencil onto various parts of the plaque and waited for it to dry.

When the Pumice Gel was dry I covered the areas outside of my Rose Breast (and yes,this was difficult!) with gesso- 2 layers.

 After the gesso was dry I proceeded to repaint in our name and new town-

Here I added some color to to the gel using  Luminarte Silks - Golden Monarch  and Luminere paint- Halo Pink.

As you can see, I applied it with, my favorite tool, my fingers, at first , then another coat with a dry brush.

After a few coats of the Luminarte and Luminere paints - my plaque is reborn! 

As always, thank you for joining me and I hope I have inspired you to use your stencils and or paint with your fingers! teeheehee

And now for last week's post that I missed...

Here it is...the last Friday of August already! Can you believe it?
For this week,my inspiration came from Artistcellar Design Team member, Sarah Trumpp. 
Sarah has an awesome painting series on YouTube and this one,
 24 of 50 Canvases in 2014: Torn Tissue Paper Mixed Media Speed Painting  
 was the video that sparked my muse and kicked my inspiration into gear. Thank you Sarah!

The first thing I did was coat a hardboard substrate with black gesso-
post 003 (3)

While the gesso is drying, I pull out an assortment of colored tissue papers and started stenciling Lynn Krawczyk's X's stencil from her Marked Series.

I stenciled X's over all the colored tissue papers using just Black & White acrylic paint. After that I tore the papers into strips and adhered them to the board with Golden gel medium.

 At this point I also added a few other pieces of ephemera to the substrate and waited for the gel medium to dry. The design looked a bit too bold for me,so I toned it down with some white gesso.

Next, I also used the Comma Stencil from Lynn's Marked Series - Laying the stencil down I wiped away the gesso from the Comma's to give me the negative on the substrate.

On a separate piece of Mulberry paper , I added a stamp with black ink and then colored in the stamp with watercolor markers. After tearing the edges it was glued onto the center of the piece with gel medium.

And lastly, I add a few more small pieces of ephemera and my stamped phrase-
Expand your horizons your imagination will follow
and we'll call this a wrap!

This is the reason for the late posting...
Just back from California after spending , not enough time "(
 with my two sons and daughter in law. 
 It is always so hard to leave my kids after visiting-
we had so much fun-
and as you can tell- we laughed...and laughed!! 
              I miss them so much already! "( 

Thanks so much for joining me again today!! Jackie ")


Renee said...

I was just wondering where you were! Glad you had a nice trip and are home safe and sound. Love the little bird sign, it turned out even better than before!

Darlene Campbell said...

OH NO, it's after 11:00 and you're still up? So sorry our conversation was interrupted a hundred times and cut short. I wanted to call you back after Matthew left at 8 but I figured you were in bed early catching zzz's from travels. The photo of you and your handsome sons & lovely daughter-in-law...beautiful. Did you paint Riley's t-shirt? Your new sign is looks great. I like the new version better too. You do a fine job painting birds.

Marilou said...

Hi Jackie, nice to have you home, or back to blogging!!
Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments:)
Hugs Marilou

Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Beautiful mixed media plaque, love it!!

Ruth L said...

Jackie, my friend I thought you are on vacation, but I see it was even better. But when did you have time to grow those boys so old? I believe it's hard to live in distance but yeah I am also doing the same with my family :-) Welcome home BFF, your new projects are great, love that name plaque, telling the truth I have no patience to pumice gel, it dries to slow, but it looks perfect. And the layers on the second one, Jackie a big wow! hugs and xx Ruth

Astrid Maclean said...

Wow, that canvas is totally stunning and what an amazing drawing you did back then! A great post altogether! Oh yes, I only know too well how hard it is to part with family, mine is spread out all over the globe.....

Janet Ghio said...

I love your do over name plaque! It's really great. Glad you had a good trip!!

Win Dinn said...

Love how your work permeates every aspect of your life, Jackie (and that family trumps everything!) :D

Sue said...

Hello Jackie,
First let me thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment and I do hope you will join us at 'The Mirror Crack'd' as your work is fabulous. Your refreshed Plaque is beautiful.
I shall enjoy following you.

Kay Wallace said...

Glad you're home, Jackie! Selfishly, it means we are just about one month away from Art-Is-You in Stamford! Love your name plaque for camping. I want to do one now, although we are in a stationary site! It still would be fun. Love your addition of the pumice gel and, thus, texture! Looks great! Love seeing the photos of you and your family! Nice to meet Riley, too, before Stamford! Oh, yes, two years ago (while camping), I had the pleasure of seeing a male rose-breasted grosbeak feeding his young! I will have to check and see if I have a photo of that to share with you! Gorgeous bird!

Nancy TeWinkel said...

Lovely artwork. I enjoy your process. Glad you had such a wonderful time with your kids. I am sure they miss you just as much as you miss them:)

Bev said...

Ahh there you are my sweet lol great post ,great projects and great family time who could ask for more ,thanks for sharing ....

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow, Jackie, I love that birdie plaque. It looks even more beautiful with the new gorgeous, textured background: clever work there! I love, love, love the stencilled and tissue paper, mulberry creation! That stamp is wonderful of the Lady of the useless Miracles - what a wonderful idea and so beautiful too! Finally, I'm so glad you got to spend some time with your kids. Our daughter left for her university house that she's sharing this weekend and we helped move her in, which is the reason why I'm a bit late in catching up. It's going to be really weird without her. Have a lovely creative week. Julie Ann xxx

denthe said...

Your "new" name plaque is looking gorgeous! I love how you used that stencil, it makes a great addition to the background. Being far away from your kids is never easy .... But it looks like you had a great time!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

fab that you had a nice trip - the bird sign is amazing and the layers are fantastic !
Fab sons are this!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

fab that you had a nice trip - the bird sign is amazing and the layers are fantastic !
Fab sons are this!

Annette said...

Yea you came back, I know it was hard to leave the kids. Back to the salt mines of art and I bet your mind was churning also. Enjoyed seeing what you were up to and hugs xooxo

Pia Rom said...

Wow Jackie how you bring the name plaque to a new life...amazing!! the lil cubists looks like lil houses very interesting! ...and yes I loooove to paint with my fingers too :) The Mulberry paper catch my beautiful what you did with it! and the best you have had so much fun with the family, there is nothing better :) ♥ Conny
Piaroms Art Journaling

butterfly said...

So glad to hear you've been enjoying some family time...

Loving the textures you added to the name plaque, the colours are beautiful. And the layers in your canvas have built such depth.
Alison xx

Marjie Kemper said...

That's one gorgeous family plaque! Glad you had such fun with your kids. Welcome back!

Stamping With Bibiana said...

too bad that we did not get to see other..If I knew!!! maybe next time!
hugs bibiana