Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I can not even begin to tell you how thrilled I am...

 I have been bursting at the seams for a little over a week, so excited to share my news with you all!!
Yup, that's me in the lower left of the photo! 
Gwen Lafleur actually asked me to be in her Creative Artist Tribe!!!!! 
 This has ME at a loss for words! LOL
okay, maybe I have a few words left...
 Yes indeed,I get to create beside these other 
wonderful creatively talented artists!

 If you are not familiar with Gwen, you need to be! I have been following Gwen and her art, stalking her from afar, ever since she joined the Stencil Girl Design Team. Gwen has always made the coolest pieces and designed with such flair and her use of color- OH MY!!!
And now, Gwen even has her own stencil designs at StencilGirl and are they ever gorgeous!!
Here is Gwen's link to her portfolio- go have a look at her astonishing artwork, I am sure you will not be disappointed!!
 Today, I received my first package of items and products from Gwen's store to create with- OMGOSH!!!! Will you just look at these photos!
 I am so honored to be part of this TRIBE!!
Beautiful wrapping as well!!
all this goodness in one package!
 look at these colors!
 and Gwen sent a journal!!!!
 textiles from heaven!!
  and this final photo is me pinching myself! teeheehee
  I actually had some tears of joy escape my eyes while opening up my treasures!! 
Thank you Gwen! 
I can not wait to make my first design piece!

Be sure to sign up for Gwen's Newsletter and receive a  "special offer" for newsletter subscribers. It will be 10% off your purchase at the store as a celebration of the new team! 
And now without further ado...

Meet the Artist Tribe at Gwen Lafleur Studios!

Jill McDowellDuring the day Jill is a full time community college administrator who frequently shows up at meetings with paint under her nails. Most nights and weekends you’ll find her stowed away in her craft room making art into the wee hours.

Jill is an art journaler and a mixed media artist who loves to explore different art genres, experiment with new techniques, and transform what she’s learned into her own style. Jill and her husband live in eastern Connecticut with their two lovable dogs.

Sandee Setliff
Sandee is a daydreamer and a night thinker. She sees an opportunity in every problem she faces. Her curious mind is stretched by all the experiences life throws her way and what she makes out of them. She is sunshine mixed with rain, creating a beautiful rainbow. She knows that with the right attitude, anything is possible.  Her style is an ever-changing art form: breaking rules and following her heart, meandering through life with paint and paper, anticipating and participating as much as one person can. Her favorite things are using quotes and art journaling for herself, although she does make art for sale in the town she lives in. When not 'arting,' she is walking through the woods in North Carolina looking for fairies and gathering moss.

Sandee is also a current creative team member / blogger for StencilGirl, ColourArte, and Deco Art.

Linda Edkins Wyatt
I am a mixed media artist living and working in the heart of New York City—a place that inspires me daily with its architecture, energy, colors, textures and people. By day, I work in one of the busiest healthcare systems in the country; my evenings, weekends and lunch hours are my cherished art time. I started out as a schoolteacher, and hold a degree from SUNY Oneonta, then changed career paths and earned a degree in Textile/Surface Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I worked for many years as a print stylist in NYC’s Garment Center, winning an industry “Tommy Award” in the children’s wear category.
I love many art mediums, but fabrics, trims, beads and buttons are close to my heart, and I am a

fabric designer at my core. I have been sewing since I was old enough to hold a needle, and love to incorporate stitch and fiber in my artwork.

I discovered the world of art quilting and mixed media about 11 years ago, and have been immersed in it since then. My artwork and writing have appeared in many books, magazines and juried shows, including a series of seven self-portraits in Cate Prato’s book Mixed Media Self Portraits, “Painting Out the Panic” in Cloth Paper Scissors, and my art quilts have been part of the Sacred Threads show. I am also a former member of the Artistcellar Design Team. My art quilt “Eye of Panic” will be in the book Quilts and Health, due to be released in Fall 2017.

Lynda Shoup
Lynda Shoup is a mixed media artist who makes art journals, collage, handmade books, and printing. Her work often uses recycled materials and focuses on how disparate materials and ideas can be combined to create harmony.

Lynda studied art at the Munson Williams Proctor School of Fine and Performing Arts and Utica College for a year before transferring to Western Connecticut State University. After earning her B.A. in Communications she lived in Tokyo, Japan where she taught English Language and worked as a copy editor for Japan Publications Trading Company in the Japanese traditional crafts division. She translated three books The Joy of Flower Arranging, Rice Bowl Recipes and  The Joy of Antique Beading. Her free time was spent learning the traditional arts of Japanese dance, flower arranging, kimono, and cooking. She later earned her Master of Library Science from Southern Connecticut State University and worked as an elementary school librarian for more than ten years.

Lynda currently lives in Massachusetts with her family.

Jackie P. Neal
A crafter since childhood, I have now evolved into a mixed media artist where I am constantly experimenting, learning, and growing. I am a collector of​ "​things.​"I like pretty things: old books, vintage jewelry, bits and bobs, fabric remnants, laces and trims, junk mail, and other ephemera. I look for the beauty in the ordinary and in nature, often collecting bird feathers, twigs, stones, animal bones, and rusty pieces of whatever - anything that catches my eye, sort of like the Magpie!

My creative enthusiasm travels across many mediums with emphasis on texture, layering, color, organic, textiles, assemblage, and grungy / weathered. I also love stenciling, stamping, collage, art journaling, and making tags and ATCs. Did I leave anything out?

Using mixed media techniques, my imagination takes on a life of its own to design and create altered art pieces from things that other people discard. I guess I could refer to my artwork as tactile or creative recycling.

When creating, the messier I am the more excitable I become with the piece I'm working on. I mean, the process of creating is just as important as the actual finished piece, right? There's nothing like having my hands covered in paint, ink, glue, etc... and having my creative space shrink down to a 5"x5" square on my table - I'm sure we've all been there!

I believe sharing is an important part of art as well, and this is why whenever possible I photograph and share my steps on my blog. Hopefully this gives others the courage to step out of their comfort zones and fuel their artistic sides!

I absolutely love to create alongside other art sisters & like minded souls; each of us sharing our passion and love for art. This is why I hold an annual "Art Sisters Retreat" during the summer at my home in upstate New York. It's an opportunity for us to have fun, learn from one another and challenge ourselves. Having started teaching, I hope to expand this avenue at my home and online in the near future.

I have been fortunate enough to have been chosen for several Design Teams in the past and I'm a current member of the DecoArt Blogger Outreach Program; I've been an active blogger since 2014. Over these past years of internet usage, I have found and gained much inspiration from our worldwide family of artists and for this I am grateful.

Make sure to pop over to the teams InstaGram accounts and or blogs to check them out~such Fabulous artwork!!!
here are the links:

Linda Edkins Wyatt~ 
LindaEdkinsWyatt  ~ IG
(Linda and I go back to my very first days of art via the internet, my first paperdoll making in fact was with Linda! Glad to be creating together again! ) 

Lynda Shoup~
Lynda Shoup~Mixed Media Artist
Lynda_Shoup ~ IG

Sandee Setliff~
In The Hills of North Carolina
Sandeeartfulwordsnc ~ IG

Jill McDowell~
Infinite Possibilities
itsjustjillmcd ~ IG

Gwen Lafleur ~ IG ~ gwenaval

Jackie P Neal ~ IG ~ pnjackie

Thank you so much for your support and visits and especially your comments- they mean the world to me! 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer continues...

today I have a bit more to share from my summer so far...


My youngest sister had her wedding reception this past weekend and I offered to make the cake for her. It was not stress free I can assure you, but I was more than pleased with the results
 my inspiration for the cake came from her June wedding which they had on the beach under a homemade driftwood arbor,at sunset,no less. 
The seashells I made from white chocolate-and the sand is brown sugar. All edible except the real mini driftwood arbor I made!

the wording on the cake is from James Taylor's
 their favorite concert together.
Jude bawled her eyes out when she saw it and everyone loved it-phew! Done with cakes for awhile! heehee


Judy & Bill- it only took them 14 years to make it official! LOL

The fun continued on with posing for photos...
 this is me,my sisters,Judy and Jeanne~
Julie and Jayne and were not able to make it
 here we have "sisters from other mothers" as we like to call them! heehee 
cousins,sils and besties!

 of course the guys had to have in on the fun!! 
My handsome Riley is on the right and my cousin's hubby, Neil on the left
 Judy rented cabins on Lake Ontario, same place they were married- we grew up camping up here so it was like coming home. The lake is beautiful but she was totally angry that day- no swimming for us- the waves were recorded at over 6 feet in height! Yikes!!!
BTW, this is one of my favorite places to beach comb- always great treasures!

and finally...
 sneak peek of a page I am finishing up... do you recognize the stamps?

and one last photo for today
my beautiful Chum-soaking up the sunshine! Happy Dog!

Thanks so much for visiting and sharing in my adventures~
More artwork coming to you soon!
sunshine wishes coming your way,
Jackie ")

Monday, August 7, 2017


Hello! Glad to see you are all still following even though I have been away for a bit.
After a rough start to our summer,we finally started to get back into things.

We've spent much time working in the yard and as well as cleaning out our pond,
(more on that another post)
these are some of the treasures we have been finding~
 have no idea what this is,but just love the rust
 this gear is HUGE! at least a foot and half in diameter
 never heard of this beer,Rile says it was popular in the 60's.
This is one of literally a thousand cans and bottles that were in the pond-very sad
a beautiful friend stopping by on the dried muck
We also spent time beach combing


you can make some cool things with "found" animal  bones
my favorite lake stones are the ones with the white lines going through them
~I call them my Zen stones
  and of course some beach trash which absolutely can be used in art projects!

Back at home in the art barn,
I have a bit of painting going on.

With lots and lots of glorious, colorful paints here~
 Thank you DecoArt!! 
 updating yard gnomes and totem posts
COLOR and more COLOR!!!
 the bird houses need fresh paint as well~
I'll show all the finished pieces in place another post.

In July, we went camping again, 
this time taking three of the four Neal grandsons with us
 (the fourth had soccer camp)
we did a lot of swimming and digging for treasures
Peace,Love & Understanding...
we bought the screen room for rainy days~seems like every kid in the park was in there-heehee
 waiting for a fire to roast marshmallows
 oh heck let's eat the chocolate now!
 and at their favorite playground, 
of course Chum has to do everything the kids do~doggy see, doggy do!
 Chum and Dec on the spinner!
they made me laugh so hard I cried!!
 Poppa created special bowls so Gramma wouldn't be doing dishes all the time!
 One time use, then recycle!
 Poppa and Picachu
(I think he was loosing it by day 5)


way too much fun has worn everyone out~Chum says~enough of the pictures,we are trying to sleep please!

Back home again the turkeys have grown considerably and are even talking a bit~although, no gobble gobble yet! heeheee

and now for a bit of art journaling I squeezed in

 these cool, Coffee cup, Beans and COFFEE stamps are from Darkroom Door~
 I won these recently and my muse said get outta your funk and use those stamps! 
Thank you Rachel Greig for Fabulous products!!

These cool spiral circle stamps are ones I purchased from Kate Crane- her home made stamps- Love them!


Also,the artist palette quote stamp is from the fabulous
 Lynne has designed two sets of quote stamps that are carried by That's Crafty.
Being the huge fan of Lynne's that I am,of course I had to have them as soon as they became available!Love them!!

So,I really have much more to share,but I think I will write a second post for that,I don't want to loose you with overload! ")

Thanks so much for your follows,comments and support~this all means so much to me-truly! 
huge hugs,
Jackie ")